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Recipe for Fyrd's Bodhran to wake the Dead

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Okay, let's assume that the powers that be allow Fyrd Argentus's Bodhran (irish drum) to be converted to a cauldron-type item. Assume that it's function is to take some sort of vegetable matter from the community garden, some fenths, some wiyaa, whatever else is required, and create a pickled something-or-other that can revive the dead.

We'll need a recipe.

Now, I don't want to be accused of buying stuff with wp codes..... so IF AND ONLY IF there are at least 3 viable entries, and there must be some sort of judging based on artistic merit, then a wp will be offered as prize.

If there are fewer viable entries, I will compensate said entries commensurate with my own goods and services on a negotiated basis, for the right to use said code, possibly modified, for my purpose.

This is all about getting a community method of reviving the dead, folks, so let's see your best efforts!

Post here that you have intention to submit, then send files as you finish, privately, in case there is to be a judging.

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I would suggest using the templates provided here:


Samons recipie was accepted for the cake, therefore i would assume it was "viable" as you put it

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Nice, i'll try to write something, do we have a deadline for this?

Does the the irish drum have any description?

Edit: do you think we'll have enough time to revive the currently dead? i mean it will probably take some time to be implemented (the code needs to be tested and so on)

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Here is my response to tankfan's entry - should be made public....

"Thank you, very nice idea.

There are elements of the community getting involved who want input, and if you wish to tap into that, another, later submission would be accepted.

Awiyya thinks there should be wiyya involved. Someone mentioned fenths.

The community garden group wants to be involved, and there is discussion of activating a certain apple branch tool, using the drum, to create special growth/seeds.

Stay tuned"

Response to Paracelsus --
Unfortunately, the dead aren't going anywhere fast. That's the whole point.

The official bodhran description - A wooden drum made from Loreroot oakwood and knator hide. Decorated with crests representing the earth and the forest. On the sides are a symbol of a sun and a moon.

There is an item avy, and it is incorporated in Fyrd's avy and Fyrd's story in [=] doc.

There is also a photo of Fyrd holding a real one in the photo gallery - not to mention google.

No particular deadline - we will push until some authority grants the petition, or sends us up the rivier. We might suddenly find ourselves in a "give us the recipe NOW" situation at any time.... in which case we'll go with what we have at that time....

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Okay, life gets more complicated. tankfans and J-D have sent submissions, but there have been developments in-game.

To make a true community effort without requiring game hard-coding (a rare thing these days), it may require multiple cauldron items, held by different people.

Two schemes present themselves - a special resource gathering tool followed by a cauldron item, or a cauldron item that takes as input the output of a first cauldron item.

Given that we have the drum (caller of the dead) resonating with the community garden apple tree branch (bringer of life), the concepts are beinginng to crystallize more fully.

Give this some thought. Be creative. And bear with us - we were told that creating an important articfact like a revive item is SUPPOSED to be challenging.

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I promised a wp to the most artistic cauldron recipe, if we had at least 3 entries. Sadly, I don't think any of the three I got really meets the need we have for a revival mechanism integrating the community garden situation and the desire to use my musical tools to effect a revival.

Thus, I am off searching for other things to revive the dead -- it has been hard to get refocussed back on this quest.

We need to award a wp to one of the three submitters, as advertised, but I need a judging panel. I'm afraid I'm looking through blood-tinted glasses on this, and not giving them a fair hearing.

Could I get 3 volunteers to do an artisting judging? Many thanks in advance...

Obviously if you submitted, don't volunteer an alt to judge....

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Judging is based on "artistic merit" per above. Whatever that means to a judge.

Warning - the entries are in ugly MD cauldron script code, so a judge will have to be able to interpret that and think about how it would function.

We've tentatively got Rumi, Innocence, and Tom Pouce. If we have other qualified volunteers, it could be more than 3 judges. I'll wait a day or so and then send out the submissions.

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Okay, the judges will be Rumi, Tom Pouce, Innocence, and Chewett. The later two have volunteered in narrow slices of the matter.

I will forward the three entries and look for a ranking from the judges. If they agree, we will need not get too complicated.

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Well, the bad news is - I kind of felt the entries were not worthy of a wish point but didn't want to say that. The judges independently came back to me with that feedback, and were unanimous in their opinion, so no WP will be awarded.

Surprisingly, the four judges had such mirror-image opinions of the outliers, with the same entry always in the middle, that the judging is a perfect 3-way tie.

I will award choice of 1 gold or 5 credits to each of tankfans, joshdragon, and Paracelsus. Please get in touch.

But remember, it ain't over until it's over. Anyone who can help see this thing through to a happy resolution could STILL be awarded a WP based on meritorious contributions.

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