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Petition: Return of the Children of the Eclipse

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I have a few questions;

Why do you deserve the alliance?

Why do you think the alliance was abandoned?

How did you get the alliance in the first place?

How do you think peer pressure/people supporting the reinstation of the alliance will help your cause?

I don't think the alliance should be given back without some SERIOUS effort first, EARN your alliance back.

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[quote name='Chewett' timestamp='1339068897' post='113893']
It would be interesting to hear other CoE members views on this, i can only assume this has changed since amoran, who i believe is a senior CoE member, has started this pertition. However i know little of the inner CoE structure, so she might just be starting it on her own without permission. again this is just conjecture.

I concur with Lucius Tarquinus on this point of regaining the badge within the merits of the game. i do support this petition, but is up to us as members of the Order to once more take our place amongst the community and be recognised for our contribution. though the votes of public support tell us we are valued we must not go the way of many organisations and fade because we are forgotten as has the moon in this nightless land.

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Having participated greatly in the hibernation of the CotE badge, I would like to say that I wish for it to be returned. I had this strange expectation that Pip would actually do something with it once he acquired it, but he didn't. I don't see why it shouldn't be returned to its' rightful owners.

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[quote name='Karak' timestamp='1339411055' post='114339']
... recognised for our contribution. though the votes of public support tell us we are valued ....

unsure about wut contribution ya talkin about, i noticed ... none, i guess i am wrong about this since i cant see lr internal things nor do i notice minor unimportant stuff if any (talkin about last 6 months, havent seen anythin done by coe)

moreover, yoar public support... well half of them are tryin to be nice and/or combat "competition", just like when politicians are collectin signups for their candidature, folks dunt really sign it up cuz of them, they sign it mainly cuz they dunt like that other dude more than him so they go on to help the lesser of two evils so to speak, in this case md players wanna act nice and hate all that ally takeover mambo jambo, tryin to make open revolt against ally takeovers, and show support to alliances that suffered takeover cuz they fear they could be next to suffer same fate

i wonder how much of TRUE supporters ya have

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I agree, Lib, and so does Karak. If you look at his sentence again he's saying it falls [i]to us [/i]to be recognized for our contribution(s). In other words, we need to show that we are worthy, and we know that.

And clearly, he feels about the petition the way I do, which is that it's nice to have the support and all, but we need to become more active and visible again.

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