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well chew we all know thats true, but imo why would it stay that way? md population dropped so gettin team assembled bacame bigger issue, then we have how much translations? 7 languages, english and romanian was initially there they just get tweaked over time so we dont really count that, so 5 translations teams did work from scratch till end, how much teams signed up for job and quit? 10? 15? 20? one person if he has time, determination and if he is up to the job, he can do that same work probably with more success and under lower time frame

only problem i can see why mur would want team is that single person might not be competent enough, since bein bulgarian and speakin and writin bulgarian fluently isnt enough, its still highly prone to mistakes in translations, especially to parts of translation where it falls down to convey the sense rather than just plain literal translation

but then again, if ya are writer, translator or ya teach bulgarian language i dunt see why ya wouldnt be allowed to translate alone

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I am one man army :)

I can be aided by a professional translator though, but this is my problem.

The only thing I can be sure about is that it will take time, but I am the only one bulgarian playing this actively. So if I do this, I am hoping more will come.

Why do I need a team? Don't tell me there is some coding related as well. Then things become more complicated

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