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[quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1338929981' post='113516']

You should be able to sort the order of items in the inventory transfer menu - or at least pick your default. My default is my most precious item, and I have nightmares about accidentally clicking twice and losing it.


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[b]improuve mechanic selection and review for combat rutual [/b]

[b]defence ritual selection[/b]
I would like to be able to set many defence ritual
and select witch one will be use to defend on nexts attacks

and be able to change at will witch one will be use on next attacks
without killing or nulling previous used ritual for defence

[b]ritual setting[/b]
I would like to be able to set a ritual without needing to find a player i can attack

[b]Ritual review[/b]

I would like to be able to review my ritual and find if my defence riutal is killed and need to be replace, without needing to find a player I can attack

[b]Ritual detail review[/b]

I would like to be able to review what is one store ritual , creatures used , and attack mode and target selected, and slider %

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[quote name='Fyrd Argentus' timestamp='1338929981' post='113516']

I think viscosity & heat and action points should be rationalized. Heat from moving should be generated by the act of cutting through viscosity. Action points should be consumed only when you do this. Moving through your home turf with high land loyalty thus ignores viscosity and generates no heat for a single self-consistent reason.


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Provide a "caplike" / "not caplike" switch as a selectable option at will for mp3

[b]position "not cap like"[/b]: as it is now for mp3

[b]position "cap like"[/b]: one could not add experience personnal, and to his creatures, and win to his creatures
adversary in combat would see same as now, as if they fight a cap player

Edited by Tom Pouce
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I'd like to see more achievements.

Maybe for hitting certain level of stats, for visiting certain amount of scenes, for visiting a scene a certain amount of times, ext.

And make them ALL accessible with hard work and determination.

Some, like the Spell Doc one, isn't even possible anymore.

LHO, is not available to 95% of MD.

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[b]Research, connections and spell docs[/b]
A while ago Mur started with the reintegration of spelldocs through clues, however as of today there still are no new clues, it's still impossible to unlock clues through research and there is no way to gain spell docs.
I think it's also time these get some new attention.

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Add a "quantity" field to the transfer item option.
This quantity should also be accounted in the chat to avoid spam AND on the logs to avoid log spam.

(Nowadays the use of cauldrons ruin the availability of the log even when you have 300 records...)

Edited by DarkRaptor
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subject: [b]Make No Man's Land loyalty work[/b]

Right now, I have Loyalty: 108

Game tel me:

You are part of No Man's Land

And My loyalty is not working in No Man's Land

In all MD that i know off there is only one location
where my loyalty is working


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I think a logout counter would be nice. It is too fast and easy to flee from the realm... it might be good for HC as well. I do not know enough to see all consequences... are there any drawbacks?

10 seconds (or maybe 30s) logout counter to fade from the realm?

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Two weeks passed, new input for the council before they decide?

I'd like the balance system to be tweaked until perfect balance is a highly desirable state of being again. That'd bring the balance back into the game, whereas it's only about heat losing now. More things to consider when fighting might make people less aggressive, and increase the value of combat again.

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The results are, ranked highest to lowest, based on the reputation when
we counted it:

Chewett – Citizenship – (21)
Liberty - Combat Redesign - (17)
Seigheart – Start the AL again, but fully player influenced – (13)
Soothing Sands – make more long-term quests – (9)
Samon - Research, connections and spell docs – (8)
Fenrar - find some more information about heat cap and its effects
early, training caps frustrating – (6)
Stavaroiu – More cauldron tools – (6)
Fyrd Argentus – Fix grammar and spelling in the game – (6)
Samon – Make land loyalty reflect actual loyalty to a land – (5)
Soothing Sands - make creature age worth something – (5)
Apophys – Option to mute all sounds in MD – (5)
Fyrd Argentus – In-Game ruling forces should be able to create and
dissolve alliances at will, and reward or punish their subjects by
changing land loyalty. Alliance leadership should be based on land
loyalty. – (5)
Seigheart – More Spells – (4)
MR Alyon – Make Skilldamage based on the opposition’s gain. – (4)
De Mimsy Porpington – Implement Illusions – (4)
Awiiya – More MP levels and ability to move up and down between them –
Burns - Restore balance being desirable - (4)
Seigheart – Inventory list upgrade – (3)
Tom Pouce – Fix combat so we don’t need to find a player to do things
– (3)
Seigheart – More achievements. All accessible with hard work and
determination – (3)
Fyrd Argentus - Alternate views of your creatures would be good – (3)
The Warrior – make tool related stats mean something – (3)
Fyrd Argentus - The % power selected for an attack rit should actually
pop up as the default, not 50%. – (3)
BFH – Change MD Filters in preference to player retention. Complete
revisal of initial tutorial. – (3)
Rannel – Make the Kake edible – (2)
Lightsage – Tabs for the creature page so loading isn’t so slow – (1)
DarkRaptor – add quantity field to transfer options – (1)
Burns - MP6 needs attention - (1)
Fyrd Argentus - New players ought to get some inventory items early
on. Maybe a resource or silver coin or such – (0)
Fyrd Argentus – Hints need to be updated, esp about rpcs. – (0)
Fyrd Argentus - viscosity & heat and action points should be
rationalized – (0)
Fyred Argentus - You should be able to sort the order of items in the
inventory transfer menu - or at least pick your default – (0)
Tom Pouce – Make more tools available, remove loyalty requirements for
tools – (-1)
Fenrar – do not allow instant log out – (-1)
Tom Pouce – Remove viscosity or make it easier to counter – (-2)
Samon – Make HC a real contest again – (-2)
Isabella Finch – Divide resources in inventory – (-2)
Tom Pouce – Make no mans land loyalty work – (-3)
SkyArmy - Mirror spell can epic MP4 to MP5 - (-4) (no idea what that
Fenrar – prevent new players to find info about Marind – (-5)
Tom Pouce - Give MP3s the option to fight without or with gaining heat
- (-11)

From this we can see citizenship won, and shall be the first thing as
look to work on[/cquote]

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