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Avys lost to Shop

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I was uploading some avys to shop, as friend custom request, but somehow after asked to send original draw by mail,
I dont remember with new upload option was pressed, also dont remember how much $ have before upload, the only true
is that both avys customized goes shop among the others, instead my vault.

Mercurial Spectre


So if you pass trough them, and wish buy them to sell to the right owners, please contact directly them to get the [color=#ff0000]coins[/color] involved in the payment. Thanks.

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[quote name='J-D' timestamp='1337446857' post='112382']
Why do the images show up as "No Permission"?
sry, as I dont have a better idea used forum gallery...now its open to everyone see.

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[quote name='Liberty4life' timestamp='1337448576' post='112391']
mercurial spectre looks almost exactly as in dota :D
Thanks to point a wonderfull add to the post, as the main post say they are requested customized avys.

edit: Facebook strikes back! :P

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