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soz man even if i cant quote ya this time about things such as that ya in fact knew lightsage was competin and such, i still dont buy that story that ya cloaked lightsage unintentionally, coz of the way ya started postin in this topic in first place, with obvious intention to mess up bhc, its no secret, and ya can keep up with sellin ice and fairy tales, everybody can see wuts goin on but fact is that they still dislike eon more than ya so yoar "sale" is goin well only in such a case, if ya did this same thing in any other situation ya would be put on wall of shame as always

save me next time of all this flamin and just say: "hey guys i dunt like this and i am gonna mess up bhc" instead of all this indirect... oh sry.. semi.. quazi indirect approach which is actually insultin, and no i wont apologize for callin ya lair and hypocrit, cuz that "story" of yoars sounds insultin (from mine point of view at least) to both eon, lightsage and to every damn reader cuz it leaves impression that ya are takin us for fools

over and out, no point to reply anythin else anymore about this, at least from me

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The BHC is over First Place: Eon Second Place: *Lightsage* Third Place: Lone Wolf I don't have any CTC's or the gold, so I recommend you email the council.

How would someone be summoned to a restricted location? I only see Mur summoning someone into a restricted location, which I guess I'd have to allow for a little while. Mur's definitely above my head

Excluded means you can't go there. If you jump there your still there. Simple enough to understand. Hopefully now you realize there are consequences to breaking rules.

[quote name='phantasm' timestamp='1337772591' post='112676']
soo, do these rules about restricted areas also apply to Eon? Since hes currently going to win the BHC, and his ghost is all over TB, Eon doesn't have to apply himself to the rules??

From the first post:
[quote]In this BHC fighters will battle all throughout the realm, excluding locations like path keeper, Fields of Fear, Inside the GG mountain, and any other area that isn't normally accessible. I'll allow WP locations.[/quote]

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except he has already stated that Tribunal is off limits due to the high AP movement, it was why i was kicked out of BHC a while back. I was just curious since I have screenshots of Eon back at the Dominion gate. Seems pretty accessible by normal standards....if you have several hundred East loyalty

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