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A Farewell.

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Today, I am going to log out, forever.
Aka, I’m leaving MD

I have been here for a while, and I have the feeling it’s been enough.
5 years is quite an accomplishment I think, And I feel good about it.
I have learned a lot here, but that time is past now.
I need my time for college now, and art, and other important things out there in the world.
I’m working to get myself away from the computer more, and go out into nature. Do things that matter, you know ;)

For those who are interested; I have hidden all my items, alla cross the realm
Search them if you want to ;)
It's the last quest I'm making, enjoy it :)

(ps; you can still find me on YM or Skype, you should find them on my profile)

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I hate to see yet another leaving. Best of luck to whatever you do, Brother. You will be missed.

Pass by, pass by. The tents are empty, the cistern is empty, the body is empty. Naught here but dust. Pass by.

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