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Quest: Transposition


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This quest will run for a month minium.

You need to create a gallery of photos you have taken in real life of locations that are your version of MD locations. This can be a forum gallery or an off-site gallery you link to. All photos need to have MD somewhere in the photo - so either hold a bit of paper with it on or put it in stones on the ground or whatever you want.

So as an example: There is a building in a garden near me that looks like the house of tainted times, I would take a photo of that.

All galleries MUST contain one example of 'your Bob' to be considered for reward.

The winner will be the one who makes the most well transposed photos (not the most photos), transposition in this case is not just about how it looks (though this is of course important too) so your image description/subject information will also be important.

There will be a panel of judges.

Rewards pending number of participants.

Please post gallery links here, if you want to bump when you add things or post individual images when you are adding them then please do so but do bear in mind forum requirements and not spamming the thread.


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Glad to hear it Sands, and many thanks TKs - so pending participation this is potentially rewards for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place.

So long as we can actually see the locations and it isnt a blur then that's fine Rhaegar, if you are worried about it then send me a tester to look at and I will confirm alls well :)


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As per [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/12132-forum-nearing-storage-capacity/"]this thread[/url], I kindly request players participating in this quest use offsite galleries. Those using the Forum gallery will [b]not[/b] be deleted at this point, but it would save space if you were to use elsewhere for this. Thank you.

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Yes it has to be a real life picture...you have to actually...GO OUTSIDE!!! :o

Here is my house of tainted times....bit of a crap picture but I'll get a better one. - Z -


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Here's my attempt to find Tempest Fort's identity transposition.

The original name of the place is St. Michael's Sacra, near Turin, it's the eldest among the european sanctuaries dedicated to Archangel Michael.
According to the book of Apocalypse, Archangel Michael is the one who leads the angels loyal to God against the great dragon (Satan) and the rebel angels.

The picture was taken from afar, the viscosity there is too high! :P

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Okay, I'm not into photography much. But I ~obviously~ couldn't resist this quest! :P

Had to travel quite far to get these!


Does it resemble the Marind's Bell park statue? Obviously not that statue itself, but it still seemed a bit like it... (the roundabout near one of the most royal places in the world :P)


My version of Deathmarrow! (Edinburgh Tower)


Wind's Sanctuary! (The Angel of the North in Newcastle. I checked Google to see if it looks like the pictures of it there, and sadly there are many similar ones to this... how do I prove it's taken from my own camera?)


Finally, my Bob! Looks exactly like him, no? :D

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[font=comic sans ms,cursive][b]The Path of Loneliness[/b]
It's fall, and leaves litter brilliant hues that quickly catch the eye - not unlike how it is when Bob blossoms.

[b]Willow's Walk[/b]
A weeping willow - one only has to look up to feel the poetry.
[i]"Willow walks, although he's dead, Nightly on his little lake bed."[/i]
[attachment=4299:willows walk.JPG]

This tree has been living much longer than I have, and it will likely be around a long, long Time after I have turned to dust.

[b]Loreroot's Back Entrance[/b]
It's missing a Knator Commander, as I am.

[b]Berzerker's Crypt[/b]
Very few have witnessed my private rituals in MD, as very few have witnessed my private rituals in real life.

The labyrinth is an important symbol. [url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VppuD1St8Ec"]As the World Falls Down - by David Bowie[/url]

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