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Broken Pattern Gazeebo interior

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It is clear that I do not need my "reading comprehension improved," as I understood exactly what it was you were rambling about. However, it is apparent that you need to learn what you are talking ab

Or you just skip algorithms and thinks for a bit with paper and pen and take a few hours.. Depends on what you want to do, can you code faster or calculate faster.

Posted Images

ech pice changes others (betwin 4 and 9), but memorizing them or put them on a pice of paper still levs you with a heaeak

one thing is certain you have to be extremly skylful or extremly lucky to solve this

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This one is from Gilbert.

EDIT by chewett: there is no name so someone could claim that they have completed the puzzel with this image.

No name? what did i do wrong? if you look at my vpmax,ve max, they are almost the same as now bc I am in story it changes, how can i prove i did it at that moment now?

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I missed that one. was to glad that i solved it, but if you look at my vp max en ve max they are almost the same as mine. i have slightly more now bc of activity bonus and story bonus.( about 100 ve and 100 vp) (and you cannot see it now bc it has been removed)

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