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Herbs for silver and/or memory stones.

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    • By Dhyone
      The Book of dried herbs was a gift from the Queen of Loreroot to help in my researches in Herbology. Then, as a token of appreciation, for the lorerootians and enthusiasts, I will present here about herbs and weeds that are subject of my research:
      Adder's Tongue (Erythronium americanum) is a perennial herb also called dog-tooth violet, serpent's tongue and yellow snowdrop. Adder's tongue is used internally to treat a variety of conditions ranging from vomiting to hiccups and externally in poultice for skin inflammations, and hives. However, adder's tongue may contain the alkaloid colchine. Colchine is extremely toxic, also anyone taking adder's tongue internally should be advised to use only minute amounts.
      Bitterroot (Apocynum androsaemifolium and A. cannabinum) is also called dogbane, milk weed, and westernwall. Bitteroot is widely used to treat numerous conditions including sore throats, colds and coughs, constipation and convulsions. It contains cymarin, a poisonous substance. It's also used in a decoction of the dried root to threat heart palpitations. Because it is poisonous, and because of it's heart-stimuling properties, bitterroot is considered too toxic to ingest.
      Bloodroot (Sanguinaria canadensis) is also called red puccoon, indian plant, and tetterworth. The root of this plant is used to treat respiratory problems and digestive problems. It contains the poisonous alkaloid sanguinare, as well other alkaloids. Bloodroot acts as a narcotic and an emetic, but higher doses can lead to total collapse.
      Henbane (Hyoscyamus niger) is also called devil's eyes and stinking nightshade. Used to treat insomnia and to induce hypnosis (as a hallucinogen). 
      To be continued...
    • By ChildOfTheSoul
      Currently, I have an assortment of enchanted stones, 48 blank stones, a sharpie, and various other creatures and items. I'm interested in purchasing water, tea leaves, and aromatic herbs. If anyone is interested please contact me in-game, or via forum conversation.
    • By Rumi
      I have at the moment 25 - 30 of each kind of herb for sale. More available each day.

      Make an offer below or contact me if you are interested to make a trade or purchase.
    • By nadrolski
      [b]WTS[/b] / [b]WTS[/b]

      [u][color=#800000][b]The Nutcracker[/b][/color][/u]

      Stored Heat --> [b]6662066[/b] [size=1]updated[/size]
      Age as of Day 28 Year 7 --> [b]50[/b] [size=1]updated[/size]
      Creature Tokens:
      • [[b]onyxfangs[/b]]
      • [[b]darkshield[/b]]
      • [[b]purpurmoon[/b]]
      • [[b]goldbelt[/b]]
      [i]Never transferred before[/i]
      Latest bid --> [b]3 Gold Coin[/b] : [b]Princ Rhaegar[/b]

      - - -

      [i]Looking for a tokened [b]BloodPact Heretic Archer[/b][/i]

      - - -

      [i]Will also accept a trade for credits[/i]

      - - -

      [i]Last bidder owns the auction after 24 hours of inactivity[/i]
      [i]Bidding shall continue when last bidder can't be contacted after the 24-hour "deadline"[/i]
    • By ChildOfTheSoul
      Similar to Rumi, I'm willing to purchase the rights to any of the GC gathering season auction items or spells. Currently, I have several rare creatures and credits. PM me if you want to work something out.
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