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Fang Archbane

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The title says it all >o>

i need a Teleport to Golemus Golemicarum Stone ITC, and was willing to trade some water for it O:!

so, if anyone's interested, we'll talk either in game or by way of forum, if you want to find me in game im always at MDP, if not, go nuts with forum messages -o-

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    • By Fang Archbane
      Id like to ask everyone what their thoughts are on the main and sub connections between Golemus Golemicarum and Necrovion.
      There are no right or wrong answers, I simply wish to gauge the public perspective on this subject and compare it to my own.
      For a long time now I have felt that GG & Necro are connected in more ways than the obvious or the publicly known so, I feel this question has been long overdue and I eagerly await all replies.
      Thank you.
    • By Fang Archbane
      Below is the link to the MagicDuel Adventure Trade Guide

    • By Fang Archbane
      To clarify some things, it seems we have had a miscommunication somewhere Chewett.
      I claimed to have Gridos Blessing for the GG Lab position as its Guardian, and that role alone.
      I dont know how, or where, anyone thought i had his blessing for King, as i never claimed that, only my intent to GAIN his blessing for King.
      If that was misconstrued i am sincerely sorry, but my words were clear on Forums, so please do double check whatever Source claimed that i did anything of the sort.
      I provided PMd SSd proof of my only claim to you Chewett, that he had given me his acceptance on the GG Lab Guardian role.
      I have below SSd my previous post, and the timestamp on the last edit against the time and date that it is now (bottom right of screen) prove i have not meddled with it.
      So if any of this is unclear to anyone, ill say it once more. I have Gridos Blessing for the GG Lab Guardian Role and nothing more. I aim to EARN his Blessing for King in Time.

    • By Shemhazaj
      Seeing that there are few different kinds of water as a resource in MD and assuming that they are to have different uses perhaps the device at War Hold could be adapted with ability to interact with different kinds of water?
      we have
      water - gathered from lakes, rivers - used in many activities (plant watering, tea brewing, some other recipes)
      rain water - gathered from rain - atm not very useful (perhaps could be used for watering plants as well? it's kinda silly it can't be used that way)
      mineral water - gathered from caves and mineral pools - (usefulness of it might be a completely different topic :P)
      perhaps we also might have
      sea water - gathered from sea - used in the WH device to get salt from it
      now for the device at War Hold:
      rain water + sand + heat = water (filtered or boiled to improve it's quality)
      water + some kind of dust and/or gas = mineral water 
      lots of sea water + even more heat = water + little bit of salt
      this is ofc just a rough idea, the final recipes should be more complicated,
      but what do you think of that?
    • By Hedge Munos
      Step right up!

      [color=#cccccc][Quote]Ann. 2188 - [2012-02-02 02:52:38 - Stage 11][/color]
      [b]Slave role items[/b]
      I will put on a leash a couple of more slaves...yeah call it a flagrant human rights violation. If your role involves something related to this, contact me or use the forum to request a personal leash. I will give the leash to you, after that you can do whatever you wish with it. Whoever controls the leash will control the one it was made for. Do not request this unless you have strong arguments why i should give you such an item. I will only give out a couple of leashes, not too many and not to everyone. There is a technical option to create leashes with limited number of uses (number of drags) and then they could return to a slave master or even to the owner, or get destroyed. Consider this option and feel free to discuss it on the forum. Provide player id and exact playername (including *) when making the request. [/Quote]

      If you're looking for slaves, you may want to post your ID (unless of course you'd rather contact Mur personally)

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