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TK Take Over Attempt


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I just found out that a certain someone is trying to take over the TKs for an Aged Reindrach.

I'll let you know right now, this isn't a normal alliance. This isn't an alliance where you can steal it, and get it away with. The TK's are Murs property. And I doubt you want to screw around with an angry demon's property.

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Yes, but this isn't the first time he attempts that. In previous situations he actually had it worked and he got away with it. No punishment at all. And this time we are talking about something that belongs to Mur AND the community.

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[quote name='Juni0r' timestamp='1330552104' post='105548']
so why not just make a closed topic an "addressed" type letter? and stop creating turmoil over something that isnt that big yet you attempt to make it behind all the secrecy.

Perhaps that was Seigheart's intention in not disclosing the culprit?

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