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The true Eclipse - that is as distinguished from the "official" Eclipse who took our badges - has renewed its Pact with the leaders of Necrovion, Peace and Azull.

[size=5][b]Pact of the Sands[/b][/size]

These are the terms of the pact between the forces of Necrovion and the Children of the Eclipse, one people, one purpose.

I. War:

The forces of Necrovion and the Children of the Eclipse shall not make war against each other. In situations where other alliances (as in that between the Eclipse and the Guardians of the Root) might force the two parties into conflict, both parties hereby agree to refuse to engage each other in warfare.

II. Peace:

The forces of Necrovion and the Children of the Eclipse may engage each other in duels. Individual members of each party may, however, request not to be attacked by the other, and the leaders of both parties agree to ensure that such requests are honored.­­­

III. Information:

The forces of Necrovion and the Children of the Eclipse agree to share information on an ethical basis. Knowledge of advanced game mechanics and “spoilers” shall only be shared in case of emergency, but otherwise members of both parties shall be encouraged to share theories and discoveries pertaining to the nature of the realm of MagicDuel.

This Pact was re-confirmed by Tarquinus, Amoran, Peace, and Azull.

The "official" CoE has no bearing on this Pact and is not subject to its terms, just as it is not subject to our oaths or ceremonies. We cannot be held responsible for that group's actions.

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This post of mine is presuming you still consider yourselves Lorerootian (I have no reason to think otherwise), and also looking into the future when there might be some sort of land hierarchy again, even if that isn't kings anymore.

If the hierarchy of Loreroot decide it should go to war with Necrovion, you would not? You would go against the decision of the land, in essence rebelling from it? Would you then aid Necrovion, or just "ignore" the warring?

I would argue that as nice as this treaty sounds, you haven't thought through the consequences - Not just because of the above questioning, but also because of various other things which would heavily conflict your interests.

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[quote name='Grido' timestamp='1328808926' post='103899']
If the hierarchy of Loreroot decide it should go to war with Necrovion, you would not? You would go against the decision of the land, in essence rebelling from it? Would you then aid Necrovion, or just "ignore" the warring?[/quote]
By the terms of the Pact, we would not join the war. This is a dire hypothetical and we would do our utmost to prevent its coming to pass. If open war were declared between Loreroot and Necrovion, the Eclipse would remain neutral. There are further hypotheticals, such as Necrovion invading Loreroot, and that is something that we clearly, as defenders of Loreroot, cannot allow.

The previous terms of the Pact were legalistic and very specific. It is my opinion that we should trust each other to act in good faith and work out the nitty-gritty details as they arise. The Pact I have posted above is a much simplified version that presupposes good faith and cooperative spirit. I do take your point about conflicts of interest, but my opinion is, oh, what the hell. It's just a game, and the worst thing that can happen is that something interesting and unpredicted will happen.

I could be wrong. But I'm willing to take the chance, in the name of fun and good relations in the game.

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Seig, I specifically mentioned land hierarchy, even if it isn't kings, and land hierarchies would naturally tend to develop, even without mechanical interference.

By remaining neutral when your land is part of a war, you could (not would) well be seen to be traitors to the land - you would be using the weight of your members to influence your land's politics in favour of Necrovion, rather than itself. I say in favour of them, because it may not be able to act without assistance from yourselves, which according to this statement, you would not give.

Long-term agreements rarely work on good faith, each side believes different things about the pact that the other half wouldn't agree to if known. The good faith view of the pact is different for both parties.

Interesting and unpredicted things are all good fun, but then I ask what the point of making the pact is at all, if it's all based on good faith, and you want such things to happen. In my opinion, if you write terms, you write them properly, or you just don't do it.

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You argue valid points and hypothetical concerns - but they do not take into account that the CoE has had a defensive pact with Necrovion allies years. We have witnessed the disbandment of the Sentinels and 'takeover' of the CoE, and felt it prudent to solidify and reinvigorate this pact - one reason being the significant shifting of alliance members.

And doesn't any mutual agreement and consensus-based decision assume an inherent 'faith' that all parties will abide by it?

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one case scenario that would look interestin would be followin: nv attack lr, coe "stays neutral and tries to calm down situation" while in fact they are in conspiracy with necros to overthrow *insert name of new hierarchical body here* and get in charge instead of them

oke this is interestin scenario which has 99% chances of not happenin :D ofc

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      A few weeks ago (well, a few is vague enough I guess to prevent any remark on how slow I am).... a few weeks ago I started interviews with some current and past [url="http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Necrovion"]Necrovion [/url]citizens. Of course, slow as I am, nothing was published yet, but now time has come and you will find in this thread what I have gathered. Allright I must confess: interviews quoted here are from November 2011. That's not that old, is it?

      [b]I was intrigued by the situation in Necrovion, following Jester's actions and punishment.[/b] I will not summarize those facts, as it has been done recently by [url="http://magicduel.wikia.com/wiki/Peace"]Peace [/url]in that [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/11207-so-far/"]thread[/url]. For those not familiar with what happened, I suggest reading first post of peace, which includes all official annoucements related to the matter.
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      To be complete, I should add that Jester account has been unbanned recently, which lead to some new troubles within Necrovion.

      My main questions when i decided to enquiry about Necrovion were:
      -[b] how do Necrovion citizen react to jester's punishment[/b]
      -[b] how do they feel in regards to Necrovion land being declared "closed" (even if it is not technically closed)[/b]
      -[b] what citizens wish for the future of their land (a new king?,....)[/b]
      - [b]who could be a good king?[/b]

      The facts themselves, I will not cover in this article, but I will rather try to make you share what the feelings of involved individuals are... or at least how I have perceived them!

      I was personnally interested in exploring the Necrovion dissidence too. I had noticed that Necrovion had the most rebels within all lands, but never managed to know why. Therefore, I decided to try and get an interview with a representant of the rebellion.

      To build this article, I will give you the feedback I got from various view-point
      [b]- Part 1: how do "regular citizens" of Necrovion view the situation[/b]
      [b]- Part 2: vision of a rebel[/b]
      [b]- Part 3: interview with a historical figure of Necrovion[/b]
      [b]- Part 4: the future - a candidate for crownship?[/b]
      [b]- Conclusion[/b]

      Each part will come on time, after a couple days (a couple meaning anything between 1 and 2 dozens days! ). Hopefully my slownyness, my lazyness will not prevent you from learning a few things about Necrovion situation. Probably the veterans already know most of what will be sai dhere, but I believe some new players like me will still get something off those interviews.

      I would like to express my thanks to all Necrovion people who have accepted to answer my questions. And my gratitude for supporting the longgggg delay between he moment we have met and the moment it is published here on the forum.

      Passant, the Weak.
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