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Princess Katt

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(Thanks Peace, beat me to it.)

On topic, I am quite impressed that the Sustained Heat in the little plant remains so High. Seigheart may have his detractors, but the experiment of that clickie shows that there are quite a lot of people willing to dedicate their efforts and Attention to him. It's nice to see that, so I'll keep it up for a while more. "[i][b]I want them back[/b][/i]" ^_^
[url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=3854"]Here is the location of the click-able[/url], to store your Heat.

I want them back! :D
This is the new call, for Heat donation.

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Some should point out that the heat donated is not just for Seigheart. It began initially for him but don't forget that because of him, three more people died. Thus I believe that now, even more, the heat is donated for everybody dead.

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Well, I'll admit that until an hour or so ago, from this message, it still read "For Seigheart".
At the behest of many many people, it has now been updated to the rallying call "[b]I want them back[/b]", which includes us Marind Bell corpses too, and shows a personal accountability for the Heat donators, in putting their Will where their Words go. :)

Still, "you started it Seig!" :cool:

[i]edit: (Also trying to work out how to use charged Heat Jars to restock Heat there. I've messaged Chewett and Awiiya, but if anyone with md-script access knows a good method for this, please let me know)[/i]

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It is the right of each demi-god to use their powers as they think fit and preach whatever beliefs they think it justifies them, or simply be silent about it. In this case, my separate opinion, one that is visibly implemented in other game areas, is that a collective effort surpasses an individual effort.

Again, i do not see this as a counteraction to what a demigod did, i see it more as an individual action where a demigod action was missing. I can only assume such an action was pending somehow anyway, but i wanted to do it so i could also announce the heat voting thing too.

The will of many is not always stronger than the will of one, but when it is aimed in same direction it surely should add up and not be ignored.

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