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Your Musical Portrait


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This is a simple game: get your musical portrait drawn by MD population. How do others see your character?

[b]~ Rules ~[/b][list]
[*]By entering the game, you gain access to the list of all other participants.
[*]You assign a single tune (YouTube link only) to all participants you know, including yourself. Choose the song that you think best portrays the participant. Anything is allowed: don't hesitate to put up songs in other languages than English, purely instrumental pieces are even strongly encouraged; the music itself is more important than the lyrics in my opinion (although they are supposed to be related). Avoid putting the music that participants are using in their papers ...
[*]Wait for others to do the same ...
[*]... and enjoy your "musical portrait" by listening to the songs that have been chosen for you. All songs are anonymous, so you don't know who chose what for you!
That's it.

[*]You get to know how people view you, in music!
[*]To be happy, surprised, disappointed, etc., and hopefully to have fun.
You won't get any shiny thing, and I kindly ask any potential generous sponsor NOT to propose any reward. In this game, you just receive as much as you give.

[b]~ What if there are participants I don't know? ~[/b]

Stalk them, find them, meet them, talk to them, (R-)play with them, learn about them! By entering the game, you should be ready to go meet all the people you don't know yet, young or old.

[b]~ How to start ~[/b]

To enter the game, just go to Awiiya's way, check the Oak Log, and say "Musical Portrait". Everything has been made automatic in the clickie. It is just a matter of typing a short description and copy/pasting the link of the song, just like with the mood panel. Note that for storage limitations reasons, all fields are limited in length—use the "share" links of YouTube if possible.

Warning: the first time you activate the script, you are automatically added to the list of participants. This means that your name will appear in all participants' list, and the interface will invite them to assign a song to you. Don't do it unless you're really willing to participate. There is no "give up" button, but I can remove you manually from the list of participants if necessary.

Under the list of participants and songs you have chosen, you will find the list of anonymous (unless they are "signed" ... Well you can try to guess) songs that have been assigned to you, which obviously is empty the first time you activate the script. You can see your own list, but not that of the others. For each song, you can leave a short comment in return for the person who chose it for you, and it will appear next to your name in his/her list of participants.

The clickie has been well tested, but if you notice anything strange, don't hesitate to tell me!

[b]~ I can see everything ~[/b]

I have access to all data obviously, and I can find who submitted what. But I won't spend my time monitoring everything, I don't have time for that. That said, if you find some inappropriate or badly unpleasant content, just tell me and I'll remove the content, or even the participant. If it is serious, it will be forwarded to the appropriate MD authorities.

Please keep it enjoyable, I don't want it to become another reason for bickering ...

[b]~ Many thanks to ~[/b]

Brulant for discussing the initial idea, Burns for discussing the final idea, Chewett for answering all my questions on MDScript, Awiiya for allowing the use of his clickie, MD Council and Rendril for allowing the use of consequent data storage, and all people who helped testing the clickie (your entries are still there, btw)!

Now go and have fun! There might be a second part in a couple weeks. ;)

Edit: YouTube links only, and I finally use multiple storages as Council and Rendril allowed me.

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Guillak, this is absolutely amazing.
It take all of the things I love about MD and wraps them up into one neat little package. I can't help but smile at and appreciate the songs people have picked for me thus far :D
Thank you, everybody (especially Guillak!).

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When the kid Guillak first showed me that, I thought "hey cool". Now that it is set up in public, I have changed my mind:

[b]This is not cool[/b][b] ! This is hot! One of the hottest things in the realm for a while. [/b]

Guillak, I just love it.

- the idea is fantastic
- the location is great: will entertain Awiiya and make MDA crowdy
- there is more depth in the game than one could expect (for example, we can play the game "who put that song on me", we can enter into song wars agaisnt each other...

Thank you very much Kid!

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If it gets too big, that would be nice indeed; that was the solution recommended to me by Chewett. But for simplicity I'd like to keep everything inside MD as long as it is possible. And as you point out, I haven't seen any way to do so from MDScript ...

A couple weeks, a priori, so no worry!

@All others
Thanks a lot! :)

On a side note, I'm still modifying the clickie a little, so strange things might happen. That said, I back up everything regularly, so don't worry [too much]. I'm using my own data for testing, so if some data is lost, it'll probably be only mine ...

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[quote name='Hedge Munos' timestamp='1328996079' post='104072']
Can we see who picked what song for us?[/quote]

Nope! That's the point. Only me can see, and I won't tell. :P

When it is over, I intend to make all "portraits" public if all participants agree (second part I suggested in initial post).

And eventually, if all participants agree (again), either just make the song pickers visible to you in the clickie, or make "reversed portraits" public (display all the songs you chose, not those chosen for you). We'll decide this later! For now, everything's anonymous.

Hard to say no ... Thanks a lot! I wish I was alive to be able to enjoy it. X-)

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I've made some modifications to the underlying storage strategy.

=> Two good news:[list]
[*]the length of data you can input has been extended to 100 characters;
[*]up to ~400 participants supported now (~60 until now, it was about time). Hopefully that will be enough.
=> And a bad one:[list]
[*]From now on, you will have to save your modifications [b]for every single line you change[/b]. There is now a "Save" button on each line; use it or hit the return key on your keyboard.
Hopefully there is no bug, but as before, if you notice anything strange, don't hesitate to tell me. Thank you all for your participation!

Edit: save buttons are back.

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(Sorry for the double post)

I've just realized that a couple URLs you guys entered (copy/paste) were broken after I replaced them automatically by the corresponding video ID. My mistake, sorry, and I have just replaced the backup I had by a more recent one (thus containing the broken IDs), so double mistake, sorry.

There are very few of them, so no worry. You can easily detect them just by looking over the video thumbnail in your list. If your browser doesn't display an image, then the ID is erroneous. There are several workarounds, but the easiest solution (for you and especially for me) is to use the URL given by the "share" button below the YouTube video:


Thank you!

Edit: bellow => below

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I will be without the Internet for the week. AmberRune has the possibility to stop and restart the musical portrait, so if you notice a bug or anything that would require me peeking, please tell her and she'll put it on hold. Hopefully that won't be necessary at all.

We have reached 50 participants yesterday. There is still plenty of room, so don't hesitate to bring as many people as possible!

A couple precisions about part two: for now, keep in mind that all portraits will be made public. All songs will remain anonymous, but I intend to display them along with the "Title/Description" field you enter in the clickie. This is mainly to help people visualize better which songs they have already listened to. So, if you think what you entered is too personal, or if it can disclose your identity and you don't want that, it is probably better to change it before next part begins. Changing a title does not delete the comment the recipient wrote in response to your song (only the modification of the video id does that), so it shouldn't bother the portrayed person. There is still plenty of time though (it won't start as long as new participants keep coming), so no need to rush. As for the comments, they will never be disclosed.
If you have any opinion/idea on the matter, just let me know [size=1]in one week[/size]!

Edit: I'm back.

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  • 2 weeks later...

It's been almost one month now. I don't know if many new participants will keep coming, but I'd like to give everyone enough time to add songs to as many other participants as possible.

I propose to stop the first part on Saturday, march 31th (4 weeks starting from now). If you find it too short or too long, just tell me. After that we will start part two, and all songs will be made public.

To those who would still be a bit reluctant to participate due to the large number of participants (56 so far): keep in mind that you don't have to assign songs to everybody, whatever is said in my initial post. It is intended to be enjoyable, not a pain, so you can just assign songs to those participants you can portray.

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  • 4 weeks later...

Since nobody asked for extra time, part one will stop in one week, as planned ([color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]Saturday, march 31th). There is little time left, so the clickie won't accept new participants anymore. C[/font][/color][color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]urrent participants are encouraged to continue assigning songs until next week, as the latest participants haven't received as many as others.[/font][/color]

A couple more precisions regarding part 2:[list]
[*]Please make sure that none of the video links you have assigned is broken. Some videos tend to disappear from YouTube, due to copyrights etc. You can check them just by looking at the video thumbnails in the clickie.
[*]The "title/description" field will be used to list all the songs. Many are currently empty; if you don't know what to write, please just put the actual song title. This is just to make the song list friendlier. I will do it myself if some descriptions remain empty, but the less I have to do, the better ;)
[*]Don't forget to assign a song to yourself if you haven't yet!

Edit: added last bullet.

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