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[quote name='Seigheart' timestamp='1329442187' post='104491'] Okay... sue me then. [/quote] don't tempt me

I protest. i wanted to participate and to buy a slave. I would have payed from the beginning more then double it was sold. I arrived at first term of the auction and I wanted to buy. They refused

i haven't!!! lol..how can i deny now this (when i myself abduct people) but wont happen again, i shall increase my security after this OMG i am a slave.....

The Auction started off rather slow, but certainly picked up towards the end.

With a total of 427 silver spent at the Auction, I would consider it an astounding success. :)

1. Death Ray - 1sc by Keida
2. Brulant - 12sc by AmberRune
3. durex - 2sc by Peace
4. Fang Archbane - 10sc by Ledah
5. Hedge Munos - 5sc by Peace
6. chengmingz - 4sc byAmber Rune
7. Peace - 25sc by Grido
8. ChildoftheSoul - 11sc by Peace
9. Seigheart - 5sc by Ledah
10. Tal - 3sc by Arkken
11. Krioni - 8sc by Katt
12. Maebius - 10sc by Peace
13. Keida - 5sc by Katt
14. Lone Wolf - 7sc by Keida
15. Princess Katt - 1gc by Axel
16. Muratus del Mur - 20gc by Sasha
17. ZenTao - 9sc by Peace

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