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Missed Rewards


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Okay, so with the confusion of the holidays and the gold shortage in the realm, I have missed some rewards.

If you have not gotten your reward yet, please give me PM IG, or on the forum with details regarding the reward(Ie what it is for)


(And before anyone bitches about how I should know, it's my job. Don't.)

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Never got my wp code reward thing, not sure if it was passed onto Metal Bunny and he never handed them out or if I just missed it during my abcense or if it was used for something else.

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I checked my logs, and these were indeed given to MB.

Just out of curiousity, did you guys get the other rewards? Ie tainted angiens?

I know around that time the codes were screwy due to the previous TK Leader...

So I am not sure if MB got new ones or not, if he never gave them out when I did give him the original set.

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