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WTS comet stone (Marvolo's quest)


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There's totally 10 pieces. 5 for WP. 5 already taken. 5 left. so:
You need to get 5 pieces to get a WP. that's it.
Nothing suspicious. Everyone who's in the quest understands the trade matter.

Situation as it is now: People have different parts. To claim the reward you need 5 parts.


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    • By BFH
      I want to complain about alts gaining wishpoints for active days. It's just highly abusable.

      [color=#A52A2A][b]I agree that mains should be rewarded somehow for their activity on the game, but not the alternate accounts.[/b][/color]

      [color=#FF0000]First:[/color] This will lead to severe abuse of MD Mechanics. Alts helping mains and mains helping alts.

      [quote] [b]Exchanging WishPoints between you. WP should be rewarded only for good reasons.[/quote][/b]

      That rule will be broken sooner or later.

      [b][quote] You can have multiple accounts, to try out story, to experience new ways of play etc ..., however if you are detected that you are using them just to help one of your main accounts , all of them including the main will get banned.[/quote][/b]

      This rule had been broken several times and many of those without consequences to those who broke them.

      Alts can receive 3 wish points. Every player can have as many alts as they wish. So calculate the WPs and the abuses.


      I BFH have movelock I cast it on x person and since I don't have mirror ritual I use my alt to cast it on x player because I hate x player or whatever.

      [color=#FF0000]Second: [/color]This will devalue the Wish Points.

      Now people won't have to put hard work and effort to gain a WishPoint. It's easier to use an alt.

      [color=#FF0000]Third:[/color] Not fair

      It's simply not fair for those who had earned their wishpoints with effort.


      [b]No WishPoints for any alts at all. Sorry for the alts account who really rp and plays a different character and such, but the law is for all without exceptions.[/b]

      This is how I see this and please post your opinions here.

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