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Eclipse sabotaged


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You cheated Pip and should be banned according to the rules. this is what the rules say:[list]
[*]You can have multiple accounts, to try out story, to experince new ways of play etc ..., however if you are detected that you are using them just to help one of your main accounts , all of them including the main will get banned.
its simple and your guilty.

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[quote name='Tarquinus' timestamp='1326441321' post='100613']
To the Children of the Eclipse:

This ought to go without saying, but just to be clear: I will not be approaching Mur or the Council about this matter, and I will not be attempting to prosecute Pip in the MD Court or any other body. I have no reason to think Pip used a bug or exploit to get into the CoE, but if he did, I leave such matters in the hands of those whose position it is to regulate them. Until I am given reason to think otherwise, I will assume Pip achieved this act of sabotage through honorable, game-mechanical means.

[quote name='King Bull' timestamp='1326446447' post='100618']
You cheated Pip and should be banned according to the rules. this is what the rules say:[list]
[*]You can have multiple accounts, to try out story, to experince new ways of play etc ..., however if you are detected that you are using them just to help one of your main accounts , all of them including the main will get banned.
its simple and your guilty.

King Bull, it helps if you read the message by your alliance leader before being foolish.

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Could somebody please enlighten me about what are MD allies for?
Are they orders with internal regulations and goals to define them (and with badge being just a label) - and while some schisms are unavoidable, they should not disregard ally charter and obligations/ duties.
Or - are they just realm 'provinces', vassals to their liege lords but with their internal laws and belonging to anybody who grabs them - and consequently with their obligations and values (if any) subject to change?
The former seems to be the case - and as number of allies is steadily rising more and more allies become 'ally of player X' 'ally of player Y' 'loyalty providing badge for player Z'. As for perspectives (recent SoS phantasm;s thread).... well those badge-only allies are really broken, whether they have once member of 5.

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Some alliances have more history and relevence than others.

One of the most recent examples is the TK's who are specifically around and for people who help mur in the treasury. Wheras GoTR, GG, KoB, NS were more general "50 seater" allliances that were/are quite open and general alliances.

It really depends on the alliance and how it was formed.

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[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]anyways, i feel the same like xrieg - confused. thought alliances are like ideological societies, communities of people accomplishing similar purpose. like lands just more specific.[/font][/size]
[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]now it looks like it's just a colorful badge with some benefits. more like strategical item. belongs to anyone who manages to take it one way or another. the name and purpose is totally unimportant.[/font][/size]

[size=3][font=verdana,geneva,sans-serif]how to put this simple... i wouldn't be surprised anymore if i see Eon running with "Guardians of the Root" (read it carefully once more) badge, though i still would be confused. *shrugs*[/font][/size]

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If you where around during the initial development of alliances (I was not either, this is based on gathered information and may have inaccuracies), you would know the following:

Originally, alliances where formed by request based on number of people and basic role idea central to the alliance (typically fighting) This was the earliest testing stage.
After the test stage alliances where changed to be more focused on roles, still primarily fighting. The basic idea was that you would choose who got into your group, based on how well they fit the ideals and aims of your group.
In the later stage, alliances where more tied to lands, with specific roles, and several administrative alliances (artisans, archivists, Crafters, ect)
At the begining of the last stage before the current one, there was a highjacking of all the alliances through the use of a bug and concerted effort.
That prior stage saw the alliances as the main representative forces of the land. If you where the members of specific alliances, you basically had say as to what happened in the land, and certain alliance leaders became regarded as the ruler of the land (all alliance heads in loreroot, as well as several other important figures, to form the council, yrthilian in golemus, etc). In this stage, alliances where more about the role than the badge, however the badge gave people authority. Without the badge, if you where acting in line with the alliance everyone would accept that you where part of the alliance, but if acting out of line with the alliance then they would basically ignore you beyond reporting your representation to real alliance remembers. If, however, you did have the badge, then how you where acting would always reflect on the alliance. Depending on the actions of people, it was possible to, over time, completely alter the aims and image of an alliance. The badge is not the alliance itself, and the alliance is not the sum of the alliance, but the badge does give a lot of authority with how the alliance is percieved, and is thus a very important part of the alliance. There where even alliances without "badges" in the normal sense (they did, however, have special flags), which functioned very well. However, as we saw with the pirates, once certain key figures left there was no structure to keep them going. There are still members of the alliances that where in this manner, however the pirates do not consider themselves a unity in the same way as other alliances any more.
The current stage has seen a lot of independent lands gaining more alliances, many of which are administrative but also several role related ones. This is interesting because it reflects the first cycle, and I don't really know how to sum up what is going to be its defining aspects, since it is still going.

The badge is not the sum of the alliance, just the authority to change its image. There have been alliances in the past that never had badges, and they function fine for quite a while. Generally, its more about the role.

Edited by Kyphis the Bard
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    • By Tarquinus
      Pipstickz, I want to give you a chance to show that you are not a mean-spirited kid with too much time on his hands, but you're making it hard on me with these inflammatory posts which you immediately have locked. I think it's time to discuss something in a calm and mature fashion: how you came to have the CoE badge and why you choose to keep it.

      We, and by we I mean tankfans specifically shared it to the Loreroot Citizens forum, have a PM from Child of the Soul that seems to indicate that you plotted with him via Pipstickz, your primary MD account, or else in person through another means, and instructed him to "give control" of the CoE to your Lord Pip account. Here's my question: do you deny this? Do you deny that your only significant use of the Lord Pip account in a very long time has been to gain and keep control of the CoE?

      I think the issue of alt abuse has always been a bit fuzzy, and despite my attempts to create fully fleshed-out, different personalities for each account, I have been guilty of things that are considered alt abuse. There was a recent announcement, however, (announcement 2221) clearing things up. It said, in part:

      [quote]You are not allowed to use an account to aid any of your other accounts. This means you cannot sell creatures on one account to give the profit to another, nor are you allowed to trade creatures or items between your accounts.
      More generally, you are not allowed to use multiple accounts to help, benefit, or otherwise influence one specific player for their gain or loss.[/quote]

      It seems to me that your use of the Lord Pip account violates both the spirit and the letter of the rules about alts.

      I have chosen to work toward regaining the CoE badge through in-game means - when I said I thought that if we couldn't regain the badge through merit, we didn't deserve to have it, I was not merely spewing rhetoric. But I feel that I can't let your posting about why you will continue to hold the CoE badge without making any real use of it go unanswered. You surely realize you have upset people and made the game less fun for more than one person. You must be aware that your posts, particularly the second one in which you admit that Poe made this remark to you "quite some time ago", make you seem vindictive, grudge-bearing, and judgmental.

      My personal inclination is to continue doing what I have been doing, which is to let you keep the badges unmolested and make no out-of-game or meta-gamed attempt to "bring you to justice" or otherwise regain the badges through out-of-game channels. But I repeat: I can't sit idly by while you make these inflammatory posts. My "followers", by which I mean my friends who play accounts that once wore the CoE badge, are beginning to think that I don't care about the things you say and have no plans to get the badges back. I am aware that not everyone is as patient or as open-minded as I am (that should scare you, eh? ). It is for my friends' sake that I write this post.

      So I will ask you once more, civilly and publicly, to give the CoE badge back to the guy who worked to create the CoE and the woman who drew its badge, and let us restore the alliance to what it was. It's the decent thing to do.

      [i]Edited for a typo.[/i]
    • By Phantom Orchid
      [b]Karak:[/b] *[i]smiles at the assembly[/i]* Friends, august company and those new to the realm. Welcome to this the inaugural White Service of the Children of the Eclipse.
      White Service? I hear you say. Yes, white. In the future, you may hear of the Red, but today it is white in recognition of the Goddess in her gentler moods, calling for peace.
      When the Red moon calls bloodletting shall be permitted during the service to honor the Goddess with sacrifice.
      But for now let us rest in the arms of the white goddess. For those of you who don\'t know me my name is Karak and I stand as Captain of the Knights of the Moon
      But also this day I stand before you has priest of the Moon and one of her representatives here in the realm.
      Today I am joined by Meru Chi, high priestess, who shall perform the benedictions to the Goddess to call her to join us here.
      [b]*meru chi*:[/b]This day we ask the Goddess to hear us and be present in our offerings to Her and the community of this realm.
      [b]Karak:[/b]We are honored so many have come this day to hear our words. Meru, if you will call the Goddess to join us? *[i]steps aside[/i]*
      [b]*meru chi*:[/b]We ask to be guided by Her wisdom, to be taught Her knowledge, and be reminded of our hearts so we may lead as an example to our brethren.
      [b]*meru chi*:[/b]Goddess of the Moon’s Light we ask your presence and blessing in our service.
      [b]:[/b][i]*meru chi* smiles and nods at Karak[/i]
      [b]Karak:[/b]Amen. *[i]resumes his place[/i]*
      [b]*meru chi*:[/b]Amen
      [b]Priestess Aia:[/b]Amen.
      [b]Dark Mystic:[/b]Amen
      [i]Leucretia is entranced[/i]
      [b]SilverBlades:[/b]Amen *[i]whispers something to his egg[/i]*
      [b]Karak:[/b]Today I want to share with you a dream I had, and talk about community and fellowship. But first the dream.
      [i]Peace nods in silence[/i]
      [b]Karak: [/b]I found myself walking alone, a barren landscape to my right and a prosperous, fertile land to my left. As I walked that border, I pondered on the lives we choose to expend our energies in pursuit of.
      On the one hand, enriching the lives of others and ourselves. Planting many seeds that bear life and prosper under our careful, tender attention.
      And the other, a wasteland: devoid of sharing, bent on destruction, leaving an empty space where life may have grown.
      And I, one foot in the green pastures of prosperity and one in the shriveled wastes of destruction, each one roiling through my soul as I lifted the other foot, calling with the siren song of that chosen path, only quieting when both feet touched the earth.
      I wondered what would happen if I faltered in my walk and chose one path over the other. Many nights I had this dream, many nights I looked out over the respective plains, looking for a sign that might sway me to prefer one over another, yet none came until one night a tree stood in my path, requiring me to either go around it or go back.
      To go around I would have to choose to visit the pastures of prosperity or the wasteland. Which path did I choose?
      Did I make it back to path of balance, or was I seduced by the chosen path\'s siren call?
      I cannot tell you that, for each being must choose their own path, unaffected by the choice of another, since neither is wrong or right, just different.
      *[i]smiles[/i]* "But what of community," I hear you grumble from your place in the crowd. "That's a nice dream, but how does it help me?"
      *[i]raises his hand in acknowledgement[/i]* I say to you, which path are you going to choose? There will be turmoil ahead that will test our hearts.
      Many among us will lose their connection to loved ones, dear friends, or devoted enemies.
      The lands begin to rumble once more with voices of war; people hear more about the cube from the traveler and wonder what it means.
      If I steal my neighbor’s cube, will it make me powerful? Perhaps if I open another's cube I can extinguish them forever?
      I do not know the answers to these questions, but I know that if we allow it, the fabric of our community will be torn asunder.
      The traveler is sewing discord and intrigue amongst us. As children of the goddess, we can be confident we will be nurtured and protected.
      Yet temptations will be put in our path to destroy that which we love or hate and take war to the lands.
      Some will grow strong and prosper only to be torn down, while others will lie hidden, seemingly dormant, until a tipping point is reached, and will rise up.
      I say, now is the time to look into your heart and the hearts of those you trust and strengthen the bonds of community that bind you.
      Be each other’s anchor against the turmoil that may sweep the land, so that when the cycle of calm is restored once more, there will stand the familiar faces of friend and foe alike like guiding stars in the night sky.
      And from those faces, you will be able to count the missing and mourn their passing, and live for their sacrifice. They will feel your life in their spirits and rejoice.
      So the land will experience new beginnings, and we will know the value of community and build ourselves stronger bonds against the next breaking.
      We cannot hold back the winds of change, but we can build ourselves shelters through our bonds of community and fellowship.
      Meru if you would please close the time of worship?
      [b]*meru chi*:[/b] *[i]smiles and nods[/i]* Of course. We thank the Goddess for the blessing of this service. Our devotion to Her teachings and the guidance of Her wisdom will allow us to nurture and cultivate our community. The awareness of our hearts and minds remind us of our duties to each other. O Goddess of the Moon we thank you for your presence and your departure.
      [i]Phantom Orchid bows down and kisses the earth[/i]
      [b]*meru chi*:[/b]Amen
      [b]Dark Mystic:[/b]Amen
      [i]Peace nods in silence[/i]
      [b]Priestess Aia:[/b]Amen.
      [b]*SageWoman*:[/b]I am pleasantly surprised of this service, Karak.
      [b]*SageWoman*:[/b]It has touched my Heart.
      [i]Leucretia sighs deeply[/i]
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