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Smoke Bomb

For those who would like to stay in the shadows and remain hidden in sight.

Use: It erases the next 15 steps that the user has took.

I do not know if this will be very complicated to script as I do not have any experience in scripting. However, I think this item would be great for those who want to stay away from others and not followed.


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I like this. So, essentially, it makes it so that you do not show up on the after math of a scene? I.e. When you leave the scene, your name is not there? Sounds like a neat little trick. :)

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It would also affect the locate spell, I assume?

If you want this to be made, why not try making a [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10452-cauldron-items-recipe-writing-task/"]cauldron recipy[/url] for it?

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Indeed. I suppose it would be fair to negate the locate spell after the smoke bomb is used. Otherwise it would give the hunters too much of an easier time... I think the effect of protection from the locate spell should be around 5 minutes. More than enough time to get away.

I will attempt to create a recipe then. Thank you for letting me know about it!


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I don't think it makes sense that a smoke bomb would affect the locate spell. Locate does not use the eyes, it detects your energy signature. It's magic. Smoke bomb or not, you'd be able to be tracked by the locate spell. Consider it a gps built into your beating heart.

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