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I think I took over(no, not by brute force but by infiltrating myself :P) around June last year. So all posts before June (I think) were written by former dst currently known as No one.
And everything that was written after is written by me.
And I was the one on charge when Chew made me mod.

@Fawe: we are 2 distinct persons
@No one: you did not choose the name for me! Remember the argument we had when I wanted to use one of your users and you said "No!". Based on that I came up with the name. Yesh...I had your approval on it but it was my idea :D
@Burns: it's too much of a fun name to use in this game. At least at the beginning (before i got used to it I used to watch the logs just to have a laugh on them).

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[quote name='Grido' post='35470' date='Jun 28 2009, 01:29 PM']hehe, i once saw in somebodies comments on self at the bottom saying ''no one is more powerfull than God'' i suggested they changed it :P[/quote]

why ? it is true :P

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