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Buying clawed Imperial Aramors


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Well, yes.

[b]Note: If it DOESN'T have claw II then I am not interested[/b]
[b] -If it has Onyxfangs I will add +2sc (that means 4 sc for Onyx)[/b]
[b] [/b]

- 10sc base price (if it has only the claw II), +[b]2[/b]sc [edit] for every other token.

- maximum price of 20sc / imperial ([b]if[/b] it has a hell load of tokens pm me and we'll talk about it :D )

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[quote name='Master' timestamp='1328725139' post='103836']

But since the tokens it owns give good bonuses..

Sorry but that mostly depends on principles.. may be good bonuses for you, but useless for me. I need you to tell me the exact tokens it has, please

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • By Hedge Munos
      Okay, I'm going to try this again. I'm selling my alt's creatures. They are pretty aged. Post your bids here.

      [s]Grasan 1[/s]: - Sold to anonymous - 3 silver

      ID: 208036
      Stored Heat: 486427
      Age: 873

      Grasan 2:

      ID: 672902
      Stored Heat: 90605
      Age: 416


      ID: 447714
      Stored Heat: 183657
      Age: 751

      [s]Chaos Archer 1[/s]: - Sold to Darry Dabby - 2 silver

      ID: 490899
      Stored Heat: 573101
      Age: 800

      [s]Chaos Archer 2:[/s] - Sold to Jolla - 4 silver

      ID: 496948
      Stored Heat: 379667
      Age: 792

      [s]Dark Archer 1:[/s] - Sold o Shadowseeker - 2 silver

      ID: 496949
      Stored Heat: 178593
      Age: 792

      Dark Archer 2:

      ID: 496950
      Stored Heat: 144837
      Age: 910

      [s]Dark Archer 3[/s]: - Sold to Jolla - 4 silver

      ID: 496951
      Stored Heat: 185040
      Age: 792

      [s]Master Lorerootian Archer:[/s] - Sold to Darry Dabby - 2 silver

      ID: 551546
      Stored Heat: 459092
      Age: 705

      Closing Date: End of November
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