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The confusion of Santa

Muratus del Mur

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Hmm.. I do recall that Atnas said only those who asked in chat would receive presents. People were saying "Player X has not yet received anything" and he responded something like "it is up to them to ask in chat/PM". (Not sure if everyone on that account was going by those rules, or not).

So if you were standing there idle/not speaking, I'm not surprised you didn't get anything, from the way gifts were handed out.

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Why so many complainers? In real life if you don't wait around to be given something or you don't even show up you are not automatically given the item. I was there at GoE and had to wait my turn like all the others and had to ask confused santa for a gift. It was not bestowed upon me just for my presence. Children who want a present from Santa write a letter or go see him in person to let Santa know they want a present and have been good and deserve to have one given to them. Thank you again Confused Santa for my Murmas present, I thought everything about the event went fine.

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I was there and met santa, and when I stepped forward when santa asked who hasn't gotten a gift from him yet, he gave me a cookie (a gift4 spell with "cookie" as the casting name). I could verify that the spell was casted on me because it has my ID there (unless I'm misunderstanding something and gift4 is another spell xD). But I can't find anything new, neither in my creature inventory nor my item inventory. No CTCs in PM either. So unless I misunderstood something, I believe Santa's gift for me hasn't arrived yet (lazy mail reindeers >.>).

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I've come back here in this period just like a fossil but with no intention to be entity of that kind.
It was coincidence that I come back this time of the year, I was not very aware that is Christmas since in my religion it isn't and if I 'was' then I really forgot that for MD it is celebration period.

Please judge right, I answered on Santas request for gift 2 times, but I did not get anything.


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