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The confusion of Santa

Muratus del Mur

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Opening folder, secret mission codename "confused santa"

[color=#ff0000]Assigned operatives: [/color]
[b]*BFH Lightning*[/b] for having vast experience with event organizing in MD,
[b]Seigheart [/b]for having experience as TK leader with reward giving and distribution of values in MD

[color=#ff0000]Assets and tools:[/color]
A list with CTCs for a very large selection of MD creatures belonging to all the creature breeds in MD. Santa account holds the unused treasury for many years
Powerful tools to cast spells and manage abusers just in case. A vast set of assorted spells if needed to be used while i was away.

[color=#ff0000]Implied rules:[/color]
Normally when when i tell to a veteran or to someone that already knows how things work, "go wild, have fun" I know i can count on certain assumed/implied rules that I no longer need to mention. For example if a god account (not the case here, but similar) has a ban spell or ability to create items, "go wild" doesnt mean to "really" go wild. The assumed rules here are simple, whatever gifts you give try not to favor anyone in particular , try not to transfer them to backup accounts (steal them), try not to give away in large amounts creatures I consider very rare)

[color=#ff0000]Internal rules for this mission:[/color]
- one creature per account, not more.
- priority have the people that were supposed to get things from the tree gifts but due to the alt check and activity filters did not
- there were enough gifts for all, everyone should have received SOMETHING
- check the creature id provided before giving a creature, obviously, to know what you give
- have fun anyway else you desire (assumed rules apply), since santa account is "confused", he can play drunk, wild, whatever, its part of his role.


[b]preparations: [/b]This mission was assigned ad-hoc, minutes before midnight. None of them, neither bfh or seigh knew about what will come, even if they might have hoped to play santa account previously, i never told any it will actually happen till the last moment.

[b]communication:[/b] I contacted BFH and Seigh over YM, sadly that was [b]my[/b] first mistake. Since my conference feature on ym was broken/inactive due to reasons that are not relevant now, i told both of them what they need to do, but during a chat with each one. Some info i told to one some to the other, and i asked them to talk to eachother and get things organized and fast.

[b]access to the tools and codes:[/b] Both had full access to the santa account and were allowed to speak on it simultaneosly if wanted, that fits with the 'confused' nature of the "confused santa" name. Rendril provided a list with CTC codes to all santa creatures. There was a misscommunication at first and this list had no creature type ids on it. In a couple of minutes that cid was there and I told seigh to use it to determine the creature types before giving them out.

[b]ISSUE: [/b]Somehow, i have two ymsg accounts in my list for seigheart. One is the real seigheart while the other person is not him. When talking to who i thought it is seigheart i actually talked to that other person. That person had no idea i was thinking i am talking to seigheart, contacted bfh as instructed and carried on with the instructions. Same did the "true" seigheart but only with the half of the info he received after that first seigheart went inactive. So in short, information aimed for two prepared people was scattered due mainly to may fault, and a wrong contact in ym, to 3 people instead of 2.


[b]BFH dispatched a total of 83 creatures, seigheart about 9, and i that other person (name won't be disclosed unless needed) i estimate he dispatched about 40 creatures. none of them knew they were supposed to check what creatures they are and probably thought any from that ctc list are rewards. In fact, that list contained both regular creatures (hold there for ageing) and low id, rare or unreleased creatures and similar. I had to take those back, (rider is now extinct btw). There is only one logical solution to fill the replaced gifts with equal value and minimize the damage. MORPHS. morphs are themed winter creatures, they were way to rare till now, they have a real value as a creature because when we talk about morphs we talk about 12 DIFFERENT creatures all as snowmans, with similar yet different stats and sometimes different ability power. Even if now morphs are more common, to really collect a morph you need to have all 12 variations. Also morphs are not tradeable once morphed, this makes them a lot safer on the market than any other creature. Morphs were the only creature that could have been used to flood the market and fix this ..mess. They are still valuable, as you will realise eventually, they are just more reachable. I placed just about under 50 morphs more, this means a lot less considering each morph can be one in 12 creatures. No other creature could have taken this "hit" while still remaining valuable as a creature in terms of rarity and market value.[/b]

[b]EVERYONE should have gotten something..except of course the alts. Santa (controlled this time by 3 people thinking they are 2) , gave out a total of 130 creatures more or less... i saw at most 75 online people... Santa was on at various time intervals to cover for all timezones. If you didnt get your gift "in time" it doesnt mean you were not due to get one. Santa gave gifts also the second day and eventually covered all active.. ACTIVE... md population. I saw fossils come out now to pic their christmas gift, but otherwise they never come at all...thats not nice and that doesnt mean "active". If you received a worthless or bugged creature that is because as i already explained, the santa was so confused that he didnt knew he had to check the creature type ids first, communication error.[/b]

[color=#008080]Edit: anyone that somehow still received nothing for christmas, and he is bery sure of that, not an alt, and not a fossil that came on just for christmas, pls post here and i will "fix" this asap. Something that was supposed to be a very happy event turned into a bad one for some, its still not to late to be fixed, especially that the error was not intentional[/color]

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2009 i received an Elemental III..
2010 i received my second Elemental III..

and this year, i received a Dark Archer II, and I never met the Confused Santa because i need to spend my December 24 - 26 days with my family.

and because of frustration, i sac'd the said archer. i politely ask if there is still a chance Santa could bring a smile to a poor commoner..

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Do i include as a fossil? I usually come at around christmas play 4-5 months, then quit again, and repeat. Have been doing this for around 3 christmas now. Or does fossil count as only coming out on christmas and leaving on christmas?

Ofc i didnt get any gift this year due to the requirement, although would love 1 for future quest reward, or just for the sake of giving.

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Okay I certainly missed the Murmas giveaway because I was way in the Tribunal and couldn't come quickly enough and had enough AP for the travel and I also didn't have time IRL to check on my account every other hour. So yes it's my fault that I missed it.

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@nadrolsky: i am talking JUST about gifts handed out by santa manually not the gift boxes under the tree. So if you didnt get one yet from santa, and you were there, you can get it.
@mr mystery: funny..funny...at least you admit it, yes you could have... IF you would have been there to take it., still can if its the case
@luke: santa gave things away TWO DAYS . each year in same spot. If you missed that is not because you were far away but because you probably ignored or forget about it.

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Does it really matter who the second one is? He did the job Mur asked of him, and didn't do the wrong thing (steal creatures).

It wasn't so much him pretending to be Seigheart, it was him responding to Murs request. It is even possible he didn't realize who Mur thought he was, if neither BFH or Mur referred to him as Seigheart (since they didn't organize this as a group, this is likely, since in one-on-one communication it isn't normal to refer to people by name)

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1325040168' post='98859']
@luke: santa gave things away TWO DAYS . each year in same spot. If you missed that is not because you were far away but because you probably ignored or forget about it.
I must have missed it - last year I was 1 day old and this year I only heard that some event was to take place but saw no info about it and no Santa. Christmas is not exactly easy to plan in details but had I known about the party I would probably arrange to come for some time (I was MD active at least 2-4h 24th+25th... only apparently elsewhere).

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I have explained my problem to BFH as objectively as I could. If I had the log from the event I could do better. I have PM (not from Santa), which could point almost precisely to the time I participated. Now I almost wish I that I have missed the event...

Should I explain here too, or in PM, or whatever is suitable? I had one hypothesis about what happend, but now I have two.

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I didn't get a manual gift from santa. I was at GoE for about 30 minutes on Christmas day but had to leave due to family plans. I am active and am on almost daily (less on weekends). Could I please get a present as well if possible?

Thank you!

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[color="#CCCCCC"][font=Georgia,]Ann. 2149 - [2011-12-27 18:05:33 - Stage 11][/font][/color]
[b]Morph rarity affected[/b]
[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]During the Christmas event random ctcs were given out, both very rare but also very common creatures of little value. Confused santa had no clue what it was comming out of his bag (not to mention he was confused). Both too rare and too common creatures were frozen to ice, then turned to fine snow and reconstructed into morphs. If you received something you never saw before or something too common, check your inventary again in the next hour for a snowball. The morphs can't be traded after they morph.[/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Georgia,]MARKET INFO: Morph population will increase due to this with about 50 morphs total.[/font][/color]

[size=4][color="#000000"]My "gift" from Confused Santa remains in my inventory and has not been transformed or replaced. I cannot be access the creature either. When I click the creature, I receive the following error code:[/color][/size]

[b]Warning[/b][color=#000000][font=Times][size=1]: require_once(/home/magicdue/public_html//ui/creatures/tpl/tpl..php) [[/size][/font][/color][url="http://magicduel.com/ifrm/function.require-once"]function.require-once[/url][color=#000000][font=Times][size=1]]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in[/size][/font][/color][b]/home/magicdue/public_html/ui/creatures/load_inspect.php[/b][color=#000000][font=Times][size=1] on line [/size][/font][/color][b]771[/b]

[b]Fatal error[/b][color=#000000][font=Times][size=1]: require_once() [[/size][/font][/color][url="http://magicduel.com/ifrm/function.require"]function.require[/url][color=#000000][font=Times][size=1]]: Failed opening required '/home/magicdue/public_html//ui/creatures/tpl/tpl..php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in[/size][/font][/color][b]/home/magicdue/public_html/ui/creatures/load_inspect.php[/b][color=#000000][font=Times][size=1] on line [/size][/font][/color][b]771[/b]

Is[b] [/b]this still in the process of being addressed? Should I make a forum post in the bugs section?


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Hello confused Santa,

I did not recieve a gift as many others. I was not able to come to MD because there was no internet connection for a couple of days were I work atm. So if there is a chance to get something there would be happy delayed smile on my face.

I wish all of you a nice year 2012! Look out ...

Thank you


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I was around for Murmas eve/Murmas, and went to the GoE a couple of times but didn't see the Confused Santa myself. I wasn't able to stick around much though because of real life. A present would be appreciated if I qualify for one.

Thanks to BFH for his christmas gift exchange (and everyone who participated), I still got some nice presents. :cool:

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Dear Confused Santa,

Once again you have made many people happy this year and this is good news for all of us. Thanks for being here.

Myself I didn't get any present from you, as I was at the GoE on 25th for only a short period of time and you did look confused by all the people surrounding you and screaming at you. Then I have been busy with a cousin of yours irl, so couldn't come again in time before you left on your magic cart.

If you happen to have some presents left in your bag and would send one to me from your house on the Pole, you would bring a big smile on my face.

Thanks and see you next year.


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