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    • By Jolla
      [font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=5]Hi all, I'm selling 2 Angiens & 3 Shop Jokers (No Tokens). No reserve, please bid here, PM via forum or in game I'll let this run for a week. Happy bidding......

      Angien ID 617491: Stored Heat 77178 Age: 473 - [color=#0000FF]5 SC tacitamuta[/color][/size][/font]

      [font=comic sans ms,cursive][size=5]Angien ID 617499: Stored Heat 79248 Age: 473 - [color=#0000FF]4 SC Maebius[/color]

      [color=#330000]Joker ID 715286: Stored Heat 886039 Age: 215 - [/color][color=#0000ff]2[/color][color=#330000] [/color][color=#0000ff]SC Chewett[/color]

      [color=#330000]Joker ID 717201: Stored Heat 665185 Age: 191 - [/color][color=#0000ff]2 [/color][color=#0000FF]SC Chewett[/color]

      [color=#330000]Joker ID 758497: Stored Heat 383846 Age: 58 - [/color][color=#0000ff]2 [/color][color=#0000FF]SC Chewett[/color][/size][/font]

      [color=#00ff00][size=6]Okay, this is over the lucky bidders are:[/size][/color]

      [color=#00ff00][size=6]Chewett all 3 Jokers at 2 sc a piece, Maebius Angien ID 617491 for 4 sc and a last minute bidder tacitamuta for 5 sc [/size][/color]

      [color=#0000FF][size=5]Please close, thanks to all that bid!![/size][/color]
    • By Peace
      Accepting coins, resources [preference to tea herbs or sand], memory stones.
      Bid here, PM me in game or forum.
      Time availability: Currently unlimited until I change my mind.

      [u]Angien I[/u]
      -ID: 656197
      -Age: 429
      -Heat: 4492532
      -Tokens: None

      [u]Angien II[/u]
      -ID: 656335
      -Age: 429
      -Heat: 2719343
      -Tokens: None

      [s][u]Bird I[/u]
      -ID: 700801
      -Age: 274
      -Heat: 1161476
      -Tokens: None [/s] Sold

      [s][u]Bird II[/u]
      -ID: 701698
      -Age: 272
      -Heat: 1155095
      -Tokens: Firedrop [/s] Sold

      [s][u]Bird III[/u]
      -ID: 702825
      -Age: 270
      -Heat: 1200752
      -Tokens: None [/s] Sold

      -ID: 733374
      -Age: 221
      -Heat: 1106388
      -Tokens: None

      [u]Pimp I[/u]
      -ID: 714609
      -Age: 67
      -Heat: 20036
      -Tokens: None

      [s][u]Pimp II[/u]
      -ID: 758733
      -Age: 54
      -Heat: 8923
      -Tokens: None

      [u]Pimp III[/u]
      -ID: 758734
      -Age: 39
      -Heat: 13918
      -Tokens: None

      [u]Pimp IV[/u]
      -ID: 758744
      -Age: 39
      -Heat: 6143
      -Tokens: None[/s]

      [u]Pimp V[/u]
      -ID: 758745
      -Age: 36
      -Heat: 692842
      -Tokens: None

      -ID: 764113
      -Age: 27
      -Heat: 1660949
      -Tokens: None
    • By ChildOfTheSoul
      I need to sell some creatures to keep up with my stone buying, so I started this thread. Bidding will end a week from today, or 24 hours after the last bid after the deadline. I reserve the right to keep a creature if I feel the final offer is to low. Good luck, and happy bidding.

      Imp (Buyout - 2 silver)
      Age: 26

      Day Dreamer (Buyout - 10 silver)
      Age: 67
      Stored Heat: 483k
      Tokens: antifreeze, claw 3, stardust, black diamonds, dark shield

      Bp (Buyout - 8 silver)
      Age: 34
      Stored Heat: 385k

      Sharpie (Buyout - 1 gold)
      Age: 27

      I will accept silver/gold and enchanted stones that I do not have as bids. I will also sell each creature immediately for their buyout price.
    • By (Zl-eye-f)-nea
      [b]SoulWeaver:[/b] 658064 - 5GC 5SC - Duxie
      Age: 542
      Heat: 178906
      Tokens: 6

      [b]Rustgold Drachorn: [/b]576548 - 6 GC Duxie
      Age: 602
      Heat: 270504
      Tokens: 8

      [b]Reindrach:[/b] 604487 - SOLD
      Age: 646
      Heat: 698382
      Tokens: 11

      Will sell for coins/notes or items (not resources) - or if you want to offer a combo or something else I will consider it, just send me a PM.

      Bid here or PM me. If you want to remain anonymous let me know, otherwise you wont be.

    • By Sephirah Caelum

      [s]ID: 660580[/s]
      [s]Heat: 313930[/s]
      [s]Age: 491[/s]
      [s]No tokens.[/s]

      [s]I'll end in 72 hours, and I only accept gold and/or silver.[/s]

      Sold to Krioni, I'll contact by Forum PM and In game PM.
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