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Holiday Scene/Creature Makeover Contest take 2  

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Oh NOW is simple for me to decide!
all the listed scenes will get something, in addition to whatever other sponsorship i already gave to this event.
It won't be of trade value, but more of personal value. The reason is plain and simple. seeing all these pics made happy, and kept making me happy each time i stumbled upon this post. Just seeing them made me feel a lot more of Christmas spirit than i had at home this year, so..if i keep refreshing this page a couple of times i might tripple my reward..just.because.i.can.

Since i didnt get anything for christmas -ha, yeah, i was not so nice to santa it seems- now i am sorry i didnt asked santa for these pics, with author name on them, emailed in a nice packing :) ..bad santa. i should reprogram to read my mind too.

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[quote name='Muratus del Mur' timestamp='1325046817' post='98868'] …now i am sorry i didnt asked santa for these pics, with author name on them, emailed in a nice packing :) ...[/quote]

Well Mur, it's not exactly emailed—I ran out of email wrapping paper—[url="http://storenow.net/my/?f=3645"]but how about this[/url]? Merry Christmas, Mur! ^_^

(This is what happens when you give an insomniac some motivation and photoshop. ;)
I had to use StoreNow because the forum was having problems uploading the image. If you were to print that, it would be 2 feet wide and 3 feet long.)

[P.S. If anyone feels as if I misrepresented their image, tell me and I'll try and correct it.]

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Since it's a present for Mur, not rewards, can we add this one from me pls? :)
Cause I'm kinda happy with how it turned out, but didn't want to steal Samon's chances.

Bonus round:
silver coin for the first person to PM me (IN GAME) where each image, everything except the wreaths, Egg-lights, and Signpost came from...[/spoiler]

Edited by Maebius
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[quote name='Manda' timestamp='1325084014' post='98931']
thx for add mine burlant.................

:o Maybe I shouldn't start projects at 1AM anymore. I just finished reorganizing everything for Maebius's... I'm very sorry, I must've accidentally closed the tab with your image when I was grabbing all of them. I'll get yours added and up sometime soon.

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I would like to say to all those who submitted their entries have done a fine job, but few of you made an amazing picture with MD style in my opinion. I feel sad that I voted the same thing as the first time, missing the new entries.

A couple things though, I hope you won't mind me.

A few people, no need to call fingers or point names, were begging for votes. I understand the reason they did it (even if it was annoying), but I hope that whoever received a pm from said people or followed a forum link took their time and [b]really looked all[/b] the entries and then casted their votes.

There is also the matter of buying someone's vote. Should this be allowed/encouraged?

Edited by DarkPriestess
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