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Holiday scene/ makeover contest voting


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Phantom Orchid







Rhaegar Targaryen



lone wolf pup



Duke of Malfi


Ze Riel Diel





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You ignored me....

edit: nvm, fixed.

Editedit: sorry to bother again, but most links for the pictures are broken now. &- those parts of the links have to go, then it will work again.

Here's the proper link for mine:


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Thanks for adding me to the poll. You're too kind.

I know it was not the best entry since I followed YOUR first rules and I had no time to re-do it but you're being unfair. Anyways...what should I expect from someone who thinks fenrir is a great guy?

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I'm not sure that I like this checkbox anonymous voting. What's to stop 7 people from getting together and voting for each other to ensure that they get a morph? Or to stop people from buying votes? Is anyone else worried about that, or am I just paranoid?

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PS- I swear when I posted this for the 5th time last night it was correct, but alas people are allowed to change my posts, which is not my favorite thing in the world, I am trying to work on this and I see some things do look odd as far as voting. So Chewett may perhaps look into this. I will add those I seemed to have left out sorry I swear you were all there last night. Give me a minute or two

In the annoying ass process of fixing the links now so dont everyone freak out

[quote name='dst' timestamp='1324820752' post='98544']
Thanks for adding me to the poll. You're too kind.

I know it was not the best entry since I followed YOUR first rules and I had no time to re-do it but you're being unfair. Anyways...what should I expect from someone who thinks fenrir is a great guy?
I am not sure what crawled up your rear and died DST but alas I had always thought you were a great person too, I see I must be dreaming that you would return the thought. Thank you and If I am not being fair

please let me know SINCE THE RULEs never CHANGED.

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Just for the sake of arguing:

Your very own first post:

[b]Either dress up a MD scene with Xmas decor, such as [font=georgia, serif]Xmas[/font][font=georgia, serif][size=4] trees, ornaments, gifts, tinsel anything Xmas related or have MD creatures dressed up as Xmas type characters OR even put them in the scenes, its up to you! Just make sure to add the "MD" in there and don't use anything but your own creations in the scenes and on the creatures- Graphics only no drawings UNLESS you use a program such as paint to do so.[/size][/font] [font=georgia,serif]You may use colors not normally found in MD or stick to the traditional look.Post them here when done![/font][/b]

[b][color=#ff0000]Okay, rule updates in order-- Allowing Xmas decor from stock images with no copyright! So if its tinsel, a tree, gifts, Santa hat ornaments, stalkings then you may use it but only the decor! If you want to put people in the scenes, I hope you took the pictures of the people/ babies yourself you MAY update your picture to meet the rules! Thanks [/color][/b][/indent]

[indent=1]I made this with the idea that those of us who are not the best drawers could show another way of being creative, so again,
[b][font=georgia, serif][size=4]Graphics only no drawings UNLESS you use a program such as paint to do so...[/size][/font][/b]

Updated rules are even in red.

You're not unfair??? Then where am I in the poll? I really see no name of mine in there. Can you see it?[/indent]

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1324846548' post='98582']
Just for the sake of arguing:

Your very own first post:

Updated rules are even in red.

You're not unfair??? Then where am I in the poll? I really see no name of mine in there. Can you see it?[/indent]
Did you read it? I just re clarafied what I had already stated, I am in the process of fixing it take a chill pill

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No, He has stated he did not want his picture in the contest, DEC 24th at Midnight pacific time was the deadline, and I heard nothing from him but that he did not want it included.


Really? Can you just please stop criticizing me? It was an accident not on purpose if I left any of you out, ever think it was an accident? Why do you have to assume I would do that to single you out?

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Ok. You did not have something against me. You simply forgot. But remove my name. Adding it after lots of players have already voted is simply not fair. Not to mention that as I have said, I DO NOT WISH to be part of your quest anymore.

So you have 2 options: delete my name. Delete the entire poll and re-do it so the players you added later (SS and Z) can get a fair chance as well.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • By Krioni
      Hello all!

      I wanted to bring up something I though has been a little unfair in the Heads Contest. I have been told it is unfair anyways, but hey. I thought this overstepped a little, and I wanted to bring it up. The problem I have seen is certain people, who are not in the Heads Contest, interfering with how it is running. This is mainly happening in two ways.

      One, as far as I heard, people from outside the competition should not be able to take the heads of those in the competition. This has happened twice to me, and is in fact the only times I have lost heads. The first was from an attack by Eon, and then the next in one of the attacks from a group of other people. I wouldn't normally care, except that in both cases I lost all my heads. I would count this more as a bug, or perhaps a problem with BHC competitions going at the same time.

      The second, and what I consider the more problematic and disturbing, is the use of certain spells and powers to influence the competition by people who are not participating. This one I have included the below screenshots for, to show proof of an event that happened today. It says in the Heads Contest page that the leaders will most probably hide, and we certainly were hiding, preserving our heads. But someone, which by the screenshots and information I have been told is most likely dst, teleported the leaders to the Gazebo of Equilibrium, where we promptly got beaten and our heads taken by people not in the competition. Beyond how this affects the scores of the people, it also artificially lengthens the competition, because we cannot advance and get to stage 2 as fast with less heads.

      Here are the screenshots, with the spell, the server times, and the UID of the person who casted the spell circled (I have been told the UID is dst)



      What are people's opinions of this? I know many consider the competition a joke because of certain fighters not being able to fight, since they have won, but shouldn't the competition still be followed instead of playing with the competitors like this? I also thought that spells weren't even allowed. I am genuinely interested in people's opinions and if there are in fact rules that are being broken.

      Thanks for reading!
    • By Duke of Malfi
      Ok, there's this fugitive fellow called smoothbeauty (mp4) who can gain heads but cannot be attacked.
      Probably a bug. Dst prompted me to report it here and also send an email to the Council, which I did.

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