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Poetry Contest


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This quest is rather basic, submit a poem relating to MD. Anything you want. Post your poem, and give a random number between 1 and 100. You have one week to post. If any one would like to sponsor this, please PM me via the forums.

1. Must relate to MD in someway or another.
2. Keep it clean. If you wouldn't let a younger sibling or your own child read it, don't post it here.
3. Do not use this contest to insult a player.
4. Only one poem per person.

1st place- 1 gold.
2nd Place- A pimp and 1 silver.
3rd place- 1 silver.

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Ebb and flow, I reach through
Caressing gently as I destroy
My will is unyielding, in the eternal task of creation
Patterns emerge, then submerge once more

Raw force, elegant design
My children come to me, let none forget
In the depths of the land, and its highest places,
I breath

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A far off place, in a room dark as the Drachorn's Lair

A game to play, I will my dear

Walking the Old Man's Road

on a quest to be free for that in itself is what MD is for me

I'm no poet that's for sure :P

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The cold and silents of Necrovion

So scattered and tragic it has become

It was the land of pride and land of quarrels

But today, it is only the land of sorrow.

Yet tommorow there shall be hope for thee

Even darkness can rise up with greater deeds

The silents will be filled again

With laughter, happiness and crowds again,

But only if we let it begin.


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[center][center] [/center][/center]
[center][center][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]The slack ashes sway.[/font][/size][/center][/center]
[center][center][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]A craven shovel tumbles.[/font][/size][/center][/center]
[center][center][size=5][font=comic sans ms,cursive]Covetous thirst falls.[/font][/size][/center][/center]
[left][left] [/left][/left]

[left][left] [/left][/left]
[left][left][sup][font=comic sans ms,cursive][This is a haiku (one of few that I've ever written) about Eon's death][/font][/sup][/left][/left]
[left][left] [/left][/left]
[left][left]{edit: Number = 8}

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Number 12

[u][b]The House of Liquid Dust[/b][/u]

Built upon stones so weathered,

Held together by dull cement, without lust,

Is a house that looks to be tarred and feathered,

'Tis the house of Liquid Dust

The rickety steps and boarded-up door,

Which drip with a liquid so murky and opaque,

Are not the only guards of the dingy gore,

They hide and watch, always awake.

The souls are bound,

They guard, though a burden,

And the house sits sound,

Save the drip, drip, drip of the dust seeming lurdan

Alas! They approach, hot and bothered,

They make to hurt, to harm, to foul,

They heard you, though unknowingly you hollered,

Here they be, they've no true face, no jowl

Built upon stones so weathered,

Held together by dull cement, without lust,

Is a house that looks to be tarred and feathered,

'Tis the house of Liquid Dust

~ Hedge

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Stones crumble,
wave action wearing at the stone,
contemplating the edge rocks tumble,
how the water must chill to the bone.

Waves break and crash on the shore,
the path treacherous and steep,
the ocean can swallow you and more,
dragging you down into the deep.

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(no this is not really one specific place)

A land of death
Of disarray
With fire and wind
And birds of prey

Broken tools
And shattered glass
Line the road
For those who pass

A single cabin
With liquid gold
A meeting place
In the days of old

The layers of dust
Form strange shapes
They watch us all-silent
Guardians of this sacred place


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No : 99

A legend was born
when tipu made an MD account.
the skies turned dark and toilets shined bright.
Little did they know about the mysterious yet powerful guy.
so they named Tipu as The lord tipu for his might.

He is so powerful that his enemies runs on his sight
but his only goal was to have a fight
but none understood him for he is so bright :D
now i don't know what to write ...
perhaps one day MD recognize his might.

I dedicate this poem to the future legend of MD and yes that is me :cool:

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A former fair queen in a fair land
Hail Handy Pockets and her wand

Former King Firsanthalas we should hail
so the florest will prevail

Former ruler of Golemus owner of the ring
Hail Yrthilian, hail the former King!

Always willing for a GG egg
there goes master combo xrieg

With skilldamage on his flag
Eon attacks but never brag
With victories as his feast
Eon is The warrior beast!

Mighty God Mur i can't forget
for that i'm sure i would regret
MagicDuel goes beyond a game
it's an impossible beast to tame!

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think of exciting days to come

in the shadows and dust

together as one

without the honor and just

Surely you won't be angry then

when i asked you your plan

won't torture me for eternity i hope

and mock me with your saucepan

First can't find a way

to necrovion land of the dead

Mur's wishpoint won't work

i'll go right down at the fork

Some of you have guessed

who is this guy i tell

unholy way,it is not blessed

long live the shade sentinel!

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I'm sorry for the delay, I was waiting on Peace to tell me her votes. However, she cannot give them to me at them moment. So, the winners are as followed.

1st Place- Soothing Sands
2nd Place- Hedge Munos
3rd Place- DarkRaptor

Congratulations to these winners!

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  • 2 weeks later...

To claim your reward, please find me at the GoE as soon as you can. If I am idle, or not there, please send me an in-game PM and I will get back to you as swiftly as I can.
[*]A special thanks to my sponser, AmberRune who donated 1 gold and 1 Pimped Grasan.

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