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Clear Fight Log Alarm Button

Fyrd Argentus

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Or, just turn off the notifications.

As for "days later" really? Iv never encounteded the problem, a simple refresh stopped any recurring notifications for me.

The more intresting point, can it be done as you said? turning off sound notifications to me seems easier.

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I have my notifications off, because I was also continually getting "THWACK" notifications when in a sanctuary (for two days tested this recently). I'm sure it's a silly browser cache thing, but refreshing browser, clearing cache, etc still kept that icon highlighting with "forgotten or nonexistent battles" for many many hours. Rebooting the PC completely seemed to clear them for me, though.

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I also have this problem. It happened most notably in the past where I had fight alarms for 4 days after Heads ended. Refreshing the browser, clearing cache, restarting the browser, using a different browser, and rebooting didn't fix it for me, so I just muted my computer for 4 days.

I'd really like to see a mute alarm button (that mutes everything including alliance and pms) or just a way to reset the fight alarm.

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