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Resignation letter of Yrthilian - King of Golemus

Muratus del Mur

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I thought this is something that needs to be public.
It doesn't contain any 'too personal' lines or anything that
could require it to be kept private so i am posting it here for reference.


[i]Hello Mur,

This is an email to officially state i am going to step down as king of
I have many reasons for this some i will out line below.

When I joined MD I found MD to be a wonderful positive place to be. The
creativity of that time was like a drug to me. The RP and interaction of
was great and encouraged one to strive for things in the realm and to
discover. I am sorry to day that this to me has been lost.

MD has become what seems like a big ball of negativity and hate between the
many have tried to improve the mood but have not been able to break out of
the cycle of mood swings and negativity.
I dont know may be this is just one of the balancing cycles of MD as for
such a long time things where good and positive.

To me things needed fixing and have not been and probably wont be at this
stage. Many where brought to you and the council
and yet nothing got done even the things that got agreed to didn't get
done. It is also this lack of support that drives me away from
my role as king as what is the point when one cannot enforce the basic
rules of the land.

Eon is proving that point very clearly right now with the draining of land
resources and the complete lack of respect for other lands
and their rules. If i was to do what i could to stop eon i know you would
reverse it again and and i would gain another point agents me.
so in essence you have tied my hand to any sort of punishment i could enact
on him.

I love the land of Golemus and that is where i will always be. I am not
leaving MD. I am just stepping down as king. As to me i no longer see
the reason for a king. Yes the king has some powers but nothing like what
they should have and the lack of support for the position and lack or
respect for the kingship has made it a pointless role.

I hate the idea of removing myself from that role but i think to save my
sanity and who i am in MD I should go back to what i know best and
carry one being the technomage.

I am sorry to send you such bad new like this or good news depends on how
you look at it i suppose.

Golemus Technomage
Ex King[/i]

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Well i would have preferd to have done this myself.
I at least waited until i got a reply before i made it public.

So yes i have decided i should step down as king. I have many reason
some are personal and RL issues some are in game issues.

As most of you know i have been on-line less and less this is for RL reasons more so than
anything else.

I also felt it best to step away from what i see is a big issue and lack of respect from comunity
towards the kingship. Players like Eon whom have a complete disregard towards land rule
and cannot be punished for it is what broke the camels back so to say.

Yes i could have used a tool to hurt Eon and i do not speak of the needle. But I fear if i was to use it
in the way i planed i would be punished again for it. But that is only a small matter.

The position of King was to enforce land rules. when there becomes a lack of respect for the kingship
the king cannot enforce anything without support. I had made request to have players punished for
things they have done and they were not done or take too long to do that the community forgets about
it to the point of the punishment being pointless.

For now until the voting is done i will still act as king to keep things in order.
I do not wish to get into arguments over who didn't do what or what could have been done by the king
I just wish to step away while i can be considered a fair king before i do something drastic and damage my rep further

Just to add

I do NOT blame Mur for any of this. When i say lack of support yes Mur and council are part of it but the main support
comes from the community so in turn i blame the community and myself for failing in this.

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