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This is about Murs announcement no 2076 and this thread: [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10912-is-this-allowed/#rep_filter_menucontent"]http://magicduel.inv...ter_menucontent[/url] where I said that I will take any punishment seriously.

[quote]Ann. 2076 - [2011-11-12 07:20:00 - Stage 11]

Sent to jail for shared tools related abuse: Nadrolski, Paracelsus, Mighty Pirate. jail time two weeks (to be relased after day 330). At the time i issued the warnings i said something about a bounty for anyone helping to track item related abuses or potential abuses, the bounty collected by Eon.

Here is what I think. There are basically two ways to handle this. One way would be to use the jail time to finish the Fusioneers quest, do research, try to give skill-damage back to Eon, and do all the other funny things.

The other option is to join the MD police and complain department. I could analyze log files and complain about all people who transfer items between Alts. I could spy out MP6 and complain about all MP6 who keep their status with Alts. I could complain about a person because that person accepted a bounty for jailing people but abused his Alts to collect the data for this. I could complain about a person because this person abused his Alts to spy for attack or transfer spell targets. However, this is definitely NOT the way I like MD.

I finally decided that I will take a third option. Yrth is my king. He gave me permission to act. My Fusioneers guild leader supported me. Mur decided to overrule Yrth and put me to jail. I am Mighty Pirate and I overrule Mur - I do not accept his punishment. I love freedom too much. Mighty Pirate will sail away and there is nothing you can do about it.

My items and creatures will go to Yrth. I will take all my Gold and Silver with me. My memories will keep all the nice people from MD (which, of course, includes Mur).

[color=#0000ff]*Mighty Pirate closes the prison door behind him and sails away.*[/color]

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