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Scene change question


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A scene in the Tribunal has been changed. I am a bit rust on the rules and regulations on such things.

Territory: Lands Of The East
Coord: 7_intown_1
Tags: none

The Road to Eros (I would assume this was done by the character Ero, or in reference to)

User submitted info: Alice came to a fork in the road. \"Which road do I take?\" she asked. \"Where do you want to go?\" responded the Cheshire cat. \"I don\'t know,\" Alice answered. \"Then,\" said the cat, \"it doesn\'t matter.\"

References to a fictional book "Alice in Wonderland"

Is this all kosher?

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In case anybody was wondering, like I was:
[b]Coord:[/b] 7_intown_1
is Jester's door/road to eros

[b]Coord:[/b] 7_plains_1
is plains of Liberty

As for the actual character name thing, I always assumed they were left as they were because Jester and Liberty are not only names, but I could be wrong.

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a few scenes were named by me with player names, on diffrent occasions, as a reward or gift or whatever it was to those players. It is forbidden for someone to name a scene with reference to his name by using a the subtitle name change wish. The names i gave with the playername in them are named either in the actual title as such or in the coordinates, something you cant change, so dont compare with those.

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