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[quote name='dragonrider7' timestamp='1320976539' post='95610']
Really sad to hear that and I wonder why these resignations happening only to MB........dont resign Handy...we all are with you.


I will be here in MB still, and in Guild. I am not leaving MD
I don't have the time that is needed. I take this job seriously
I have not seen resignations. Well, I had the two rebels, and the two
played that part well. I look forward to guild work, to questing and
will miss being Queen. Things changed faster than I wanted. This
storm made me realize I have to do things to protect home in future because
I know these storms are just beginning. "Winter is coming"

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Best wishes for your continued enjoyment of MD, in whatever Role you choose to take each day.
You'll always remain Queen Kets in my mind.
Burt yeah, Cold winter coming. Stay warm! :)

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[quote name='dragonrider7' timestamp='1321065021' post='95643']
Lifeline resigned as King...dont u remember?
so thats one resignation, not really resignationS as said. Anyways he gave the MB council a choice and said that if any one person doesnt want him to stay as king he will resign, which to the reply, more than one person said they didnt want him as king.

Personally i think a resignation is better than being booted out, shows the person knows when time is up and doesn't cling to power. Would be even worse if someone who didnt have enough time just stayed monarch because of the shiny tools.

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I'd like to try organizing a sort of "Retirement Party" for our lovely Queen, if possible.
In that regard, we'll obviously need to coordinate timezones and such.

(mods, Perhaps this needs a new topic? Not entirely sure, so if it does I apologize)

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I am saddened to see you go Queen Kets you have always been a great inspiration to me, ( I know this a late post but I feel I must say something) as The Queen has been steadfast and true to MD, not like some.... Unfortunately not being online is a huge problem and I understand why you have to go.....the negative peeps know who they are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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