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Public Log Entry disappears

Passant the Weak

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I have seen a few entries that I wrote in players PL disappearing suddenly recently. Is there a bug of some sort that is eating them or?... Please if someone can tell me what happens and what to do to make my entries more stable, I'd be grateful.


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One entry was done during Halloween festival: it was 'Happy Halloween' with a fancy font.

The other, that disappeared twice, was '.'

If someone with PL deletion ability deleted it, i suppose I would have been informed? ... And I don't really see why they should be deleted anyway, unless there is some sort of particular rule that I am not aware of.

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Player Logs are what the name suggests; logs of what the player is (loosely)

neither '.' nor a fancy Happy Hallowe'en describe a player or tells you anything about them.
To a certain extent, quests shouldn't really be done through PLs, but since I've seen some sticking around, I figure it might be allowed ~shrug~

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[quote]That ' . ' may have significant meaning for the one posting it.[/quote]

[color=#808080][i]all spam MIGHT have significant meaning quest or alike but unless there's a comment to explain it it's just a spam...[/i][/color]
[color=#808080][i]I went thru the same with one PL entry, got deleted, but after I posted it back with a side-note it was left there.[/i][/color]
[color=#808080][i]And there was no notification neither when my PL entry was removed nor when someone's entry on my PL was removed.[/i][/color]

[color=#808080][i]for the 'Happy Halloween' with a fancy font, might it be that the font broke the box for someone who didn't have the font installed?[/i][/color]

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[quote][color="#CCCCCC"][font=Georgia,]Ann. 516 - [2008-09-26 21:57:46 - Alpha 7][/font][/color]
A new feature was added to help role playing for all players over 30 days activity and players with tags. [color=#006400]The public logs are a way to note things about a player and organize a lot of role playing situations.[/color] They are similar to the logs RPC use so now you can all act as rpc's and setup your role and quests much better.[/quote]

I think Marvolo summed up my thoughts quite well. My entries are perfectly in line with the characters they were posted on, and my feelings on that character. If they were deleted on purpose by someone who considers them spam, then I want that person to know that she is taking part of the fun of a group of players.

I checked the meaning of spam on wikipedia, and I don't really understand why my entry would be considered as spam. I really like the way MD is built, with a high degree of freedom. I suggest the "deleter" (if there was one), to think about it.

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Chewett, please check the green part of what I quoted. You would have had the answer to that question if a few days/weeks, should the entry be still there. It's not about if the entry is good or bad, but if it fits the rules or not.

Now, if someone believes this entry shall be deleted according to the set of rules he received from Mur and which I don't have the pleasure to know, then there is not much than I can do. All I have heard is that it is spam, which i claim it is not. Well, if the censor believes the realm is in a better shape after my entry got deleted than before... well... so be it.

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in the end its all falling down to what we personally think of it, i would say "." is spam in PL, you arnt old enough to remember, but previously some people went through LOTS of PL logs and gave everyone a "." (this was back a LONG time ago) and it was spam lol

We are all baseing on our opinions and rules, But i guess some of our PL's we dont think are spam, are deemed as such by these magical PL people. I lost some really fun PL's from some old vets because someone decided they were spam... but i didnt bother to complain since i know they surely wouldnt do it for "fun"

The old addage "Who shall watch the watchmen" comes to mind, i do hope someone is keeping track of these PL mods

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What if, before they delete the entries, they sent anonymous/system messages that say "Your log on x is y, it will be deleted if it is not changed." Doesn't keep them from deleting meaningful things that they don't understand, but at least you'd know if they were messing with your stuff.

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Well yes we could. But to me it's just to have fun. I have been preparing some fun for a while, and those PL entries were supposed to be part of it.

I still fail to see why they got deleted (really i do) after checking all annoucements on the subject. I have some personal reasons for being very picky in regards to censorship. Particularly when it affects something that I wrote myself. Once I received a PM on forum asking me to change a word that was perceived as inappropriate (I had the feeling it was common language), I did appreciate being given the opportunity to change it myself. Here I just notice one day that my logs are no more and it's a rather unpleasant feeling.

I will try something. I will try to re-post that PL entry in a couple days. I request the censor(s) to check in between the set of rules they received from Mur. IAnd please, [b]please[/b], leave it unless it [b]really[/b] breaks one of those mysterious rules. I am referring to those rules (instructions):
[quote]Ann. 1643 - [2010-10-23 18:02:34 - Stage 10]
A new feature has been made, Public Logs deletion.
Selected players in game have been given the ability to delete entries in Public Logs. [color=#008000]They will be removing comments according to a set of instructions they have been given.[/color]

The players won't be listed, and have been asked to not tell anyone they have this ability, this is so that they wont get bugged on to delete comments all the time.[/quote]

Thanks for your understanding.

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These are [b]public[/b] logs[i]. [/i]No semantically meaningful information can be derived from "." by the public because it lacks context. An inside joke will of course it not seem like spam to you but if it is just between you two, does it really need to be publicized? If it's a quest is it that difficult to indicate as such on the post?

Part of my halting quest.

The problem is not with the message per se, but that is has no context with which to be understood.
As for the PL mods, they are monitored.

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While I understand the need for some PLs to be removed due to spam, or offensive content, or rules of whatever, I voiced my opinion about this in a recently meeting. I would have much MUCH more preferred if a "bad PL" post was not deleted, but simply changed so something like:
#content removed by mod - Spam#
#content removed - Inappropriate#

or similar. We could then see who made the comment still (but not the comment). Public logs may be meant to speak about the player they are on, but often give some context and subtle perspective on the Posters of the PL as well. It's a two-way street.
If there is a high incidence of spam or such, and since one chartacter can not truly 'spam the PLs" of someone (since you cna only add one entry), I would feel it is more fair to have the 'recipient' of the PL flag them as inappropriate for deletion, while mods simply 'censor' the content, but leave a neutral 'administrative edits made' type entry such as I said above.

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Thanks for the answer Rendril. Appreciated.

Well, at least now I have a confirmation that my entry was deleted (which i had no clue of when I started that topic). And an indication of how to avoid that in the future, which is exactly what I asked for. And i second Maebius suggestion. Should I have read wghat he suggests on my entry... I would not have made that topic.

Which can be closed by the way. Thanks.

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