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    • By Passant the Weak

      Today I am 365 AD old.
      When I first opened a MD page, I had no idea I would still be here after one year. This is due to the quality of the realm and of course of its inhabitants.

      To celebrate that, I will be holding my 2nd Glass distribution. It is very simple: I will give away Raw Glass to whoever asks me, provided I have some in stocks.

      To do that, I hopefully will get help from GG people who have commited to help me by giving away free sand.

      No particular rules in the glass distribution, except common sense: priority goes to new players and people who never got sand from me.

      I can't be active as much as I wish, so please be patient and try to find me around Tranquil Plains. You can message me ingame (not on forum please), but you better ask me when you see me awake, as I am a bit clumsy with MPs.

      Duration: not set. Expect a few days from now.

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