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Halloween Event


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You may remember, a few weeks ago, I had taken to "buying" people's wishpoints.

There was a reason behind this action:


The Treasure Keepers will be hosting a Trick or Treat event on October 31st at 20:00 game time at the Lab in The Tribunal

During this event, select individuals will learn what the Treat in Trick or Treat means. Why? Because they have shown certain traits that I value. I have been watching these people for weeks now, I have taken suggestions from several Vets, and I have chosen these people based on certain criteria.

I would like to proudly announce these winners of this "secret" event:

Soothing Sands
Princess Katt
Raine Castaway

While these players are being "rewarded" they still have to "earn" their reward. So, Kiley, Soothing Sands, Pothos, Princess Katt, and Raine Castaway, please bring your work gloves, tool belts, and hard hats!

NOTICE: Those that have promised the use of their WPs, please contact me ASAP.

PS: While this is being held under the TK's name, TK funds were not used. This is purely through my own "treasury".

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