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Petition to replace an awarded ability

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[quote name='lone wolf pup' timestamp='1319535197' post='94596']
Why not replace skilldamage with skillgain, where he gains as much skill as he would have caused others to lose. >> Him becoming stronger, yes, but at least we wouldn't have to hide anymore.

Skilldamage means he can specifically target certain people to make them lose skills, It allows you to punish someone. Your retalliation is a more powerful item that can be used, Which the holder of one of them while hoarding it said "its pointless, its too hard, you need lots of people"... Seems kinda pointless to thus hoard the item which you can get eon back greatly...

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I might be wrong but it seems I spotted an attempt of retaliation using the needle against Eon a couple days ago. Maybe people who did so might want to share their experience (succesful or not) ?

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"Skilldamage means he can specifically target certain people" and I thought this was a petition to stop that with an equalish reward. It was only a suggestion, and I've tried the needle on eon weeks ago (including on myself to test if it was bugged) it took a bit of spells and cooperation and guess the lessened damage wasn't so bad, but it was only temporarily lessoned, while he still have much more free time to do more damage.

Also as a side note, the ability may be a blessing for Eon, but most other grinders would think of it as a curse where they would not be able to train regularly and lesson the targets they have to train on. By replacing it with skillgains instead of damage, both Eon and future (if there is a future) winner, would be rewarded with a pretty decent replacement.

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Dst you are way to lazy to chase someone into the east lands just to attack them. You'd much rather go looking in holes for those trying to have sex so you can scream from the top of your lungs about it.

As for statgain I really wouldn't mind that at all. But considering Mur's opinion and lack of care towards any complaints toward Eon. I doubt anything will happen that way. Maebius I'm all ears if you have a suggestion for a long term solution.

I went to the east to have a drink earlier today and even then Eon followed us all the way out there. I know stalkers can be obsesive but he pushes it a lil much, but oh well.

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Again, whine and more whine. So what if Eon followed you? He can move as much as he wants and go wherever he wants. If you don't know how to counter his actions, it's your fault and you should stop complaining. This topic is USELESS.
Instead of coming with a solution you only point to the "problem". I used quote marks because it's YOUR problem. DEAL with it!

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[quote name='dst' timestamp='1319627106' post='94680']
This topic is USELESS. Instead of coming with a solution you only point to the "problem". I used quote marks because it's YOUR problem. DEAL with it!
I believe 'whiners' say basically:
[quote]I used to enjoy MD - in interaction with ppl and fighting aspect. Eon's skilldamage and his activity force me to choose - or get frustrated. As a result the quality of my MD experience is much lower. As a I believe a lot of ppl fee that way why don't we find a way to deliver BHC winners bonus they earned without ruining MD experience to a lot of ppl... or at least to make it more bearable.
I do not consider playing MD my life goal so am not planning to wage guerilla warfare against Eon - do not care about it that much
... and the question remains: whether a game providing much less fun is still worth playing.... or paying money

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Ok, the way I see it, and this may be selfish of me, but Eon's SkillDamage is quite important, for the Principle of Balance, or more accurately: Enthropy.
[quote]Acording to this Principle, all organized forms or matter or information request more energy than those less organized. Thus all things tend to lose their order and their initial energy, unless they are constantly fueled by energy.
This will lead to techniques of inavoidable constant destruction or manipulating the speed with which Enthropy acts, thus increasing the longevity of a system of any nature[/quote]

As the timeframe of the realm grows, now over six years, it is true that a good portion of the older Vets may have gained incredible stats and skills over time. Whether they are grinders in short spans, or simply casual trainers over long months, they far exceed other newer MP5 stats. This is as it should be. However, If MD is a reflection of a world, which somewhat transcends itself, as I feel Mur implies numerous times... the lessons of MD can carry over too, and vice-versa.
(I even quote Mur in my forum sig, btw, which applies here)

Eon balances these horribly impressive stats, somewhat. In the larger picture, I think it would make MD more balanced and long-lasting. Linear progression of power (as training seems to do) only makes the strong stronger, and the young impossibly behind them. While it's true that stats matter, the types of ritual is also important. A newbie MP5 can still defeat Eon with strategy. StatDamage only seems to hit you, after all, if you are Defeated, right? (if I'm mistaken, the implication is still true, there are ways to prevent it, which I grant ALSO affecct other training methods)

Eon represents something to work against, perhaps, like grabbing umbrellas against the rain. Complaining about the weather doesn't keep you any dryer, so why continue to do so? Use the tools and community to act.
Fair or no, (just as a rainy summer may be "unfair" to crops) Eon exists, having earned his powers.
There are a few ways to handle it. Some personally in-game such as moving to Sanctuaries. Bring your friends along, and keep up the chatter if you want. Some methods exist as shared tools (literal Tools, or more metaphorical 'things to do') to lessen or remove the threat of his Damage. Use them.

...or Adapt.

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[quote name='Maebius' timestamp='1319631691' post='94686']
Eon balances these horribly impressive stats, somewhat. In the larger picture, I think it would make MD more balanced and long-lasting. Linear progression of power (as training seems to do) only makes the strong stronger, and the young impossibly behind them.
Actually it's opposite.
Strong know how to protect their stats going into high viscosity areas and just grinding all that does not manage to escape. Weak ones get even weaker as they are most often unallied (more often attacks possible) and do not know yet how to defeat some defs stronger players have no problems with.
The effect in terms of stats - Eon's 500k+ attack grows rapidly, strong ones playing in Eon-free timezones grow stronger slower than before... and weak ones grow much slower. Definitely not a balancing MD feature
Of course it all depends who Eon does target.

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I propose a community action against Eon attacking using a combination of locate, movelock and attacklock (the only 3 spells I have). For the past 3 days I have been Eon hunting and would welcome anyone to join me in this action. One thing I have noticed though is: Eon moves incredibly fast, by the time I get to where he is, he's gone. I've almost exhausted my locates without using either of my locks. This method could be assisted by anyone who uses locate on Eon to post where he is on the mood panel.

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I have my own personal stalker ladies and gents and she's still here still whacking away at me. I'd call that a tad obsessive

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let me write something

We have much ways to lower Eons Stats give his a "taste of their own medicine"

with This


oo sure if SD works with this ¿Player, feature ?(dont know what is it)

Some have a rare creature with the ability to equal the battle (TS, SW)

Neddle: we can use this item but cooperation please i ask a lot of players to help just with one fight and just 2 players (and me so i active it but doest not help much) help (some said well you need to ask for it properly.... so what u want beg..... sorry?¿but i have no much time)

and now spells to move lock attack lock few other thins

if u want to train some players have acces to a locations where no other can in so Join to one "fight stabilised house" "guild" or something like that
enter to that location and them throw away the emblem..........

Eon has enough cash to use much increase regen so he can be with us in one sec even in uncommon locations
teleport to GoE stones well idle isnt an option


Use Neddle + Spells + Summoned Army with fixed or active SD + toxico dendrite (Dendrite!!!! i love the dendrite)

other thing if Neddle does not permanent effect we can lower and use Summoned to make it permanent and not lose with a high use of dendrites

so in order Neddle to downs his stats to 0 (if no permanent well at least enought time) Spells to move lock them SIlvertounge, mirror, Summoned, attack lock and some with Dendrites

But sure if u complain
organize players to use this ways and if Eon get stats = 0 or donw under 50% im sure he she or it will do something to stop be seeing like the bad
at least we need 25 plyers helping for this cause

someone want to join ?¿

o sure i dont like the SD on Eon we really work hard for those u know its true....
i dont care if he she or it strike me much times = i can get vics some players dont fight too much so its hard to get balanced fight but asking u can get a few

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Well thanks for that Manda, Anyway I'm done complaining. It's kinda obvious at this point nothing is going to be done to change the sd ability of Eons and since I just spent the whole day with her in the east and lost around 8 points in nearly every stat. I just figure maybe someday she'll get bored of hunting me and find some other mouse to play with. Mods you can close this now.

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