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*fusioning stats

Mighty Pirate

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  • 2 months later...

memory stone collecting gives a different stat...

I left the thread open, and unmoved because I wasn't certain, I know there are other ways he could have gotton the skill, that's what I'm asking. Did he get it another way, or is it indeed working?

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    • By Mallos
      The Fusioneers still have a section, hurray! I mean I guess most previous alliances keep their sections?
      Anyways I am Falronn the previous Leader and (left then rejoined and re-assumed over Change, yes kill me for it [sarcasm, I mean hate me]) Leader of the Fusioneers and I am willing to confess to my version of events that happened during the "takeover" and eventual disbanding of the alliance (by laylah?). I can say that I was a previous leader after Kiley had left, and I had worked to help set up the current members with tools and stones and knowledge/experience with the fusioning tools so that they can be used properly and without damage (as they can break and require coding to fix). After I had left the alliance the first time and rejoined to help with the largly inactive state it was now in due to Kiley and I leaving, I had started a task to teach Rophs after some wait how to use my (fusioneer's) Fusioning tool. After handing him it for usage he refused to hand it back to me or co-operate with me further. I assume this is disobedience and thus continue my actions with the other members and usual business within MD while what happened remains in my mind (for being handled and dealt with later when Rophs may be more willing to co-operate). Sooner or later I grow weary as my actions (making heat stones) have been put to a halt as rophs still has my tool. I believe this is when start telling members that they need to leave (Gort Hedera and Laylah) so I can replace them with new members (Fang archbane, Achshan, and Panthea [not panthea actually she came in next step). I proceed with new plans to make alliance members active and ready to help with the guild and tell Panthea I intend to make her the leader with time (boom takeover? not really if they intended to do it legit).
      Soon I get kicked from the guild (while I had highest loyalty, I know this as I rejoined and members had same loyalty scores and not above how much I had previous to my loss as rejoining an alliance cuts your score). I gain more heat (and pray for loyalty) as per my daily actions and confer with members of the guild and invite Panthea before i am kicked again. I am kicked again. Grido is online during this and I am to assume (as he was king during the time) that he is using a tool to remove me. I have no further influence within the alliance from this point.

      I am posting this topic so others can ask me questions and I can speak my truth as I see it. I am also posting this due to rereading this topic:

      There is evil and I say it's not me. At least not all of it. References here:


      It says she placed change in charge of the fusioneers, I agree to this, but I also had a forum pm from Kiley long ago saying I was to be in charge some day. Of course things *change* but she was also invited after me (and partly due to my requests) and she did lead the alliance for a short time but not much happened, no offense. I was "leading" for a peroid of time before her leading officially. And unofficially "leading" after my arrival the 2nd time.
    • By Mighty Pirate
      Today I noticed that I am unable to produce more than 8 heat stones. I currently have 8 heat stones in my inventory. If I use the solidifier the following happens:

      - Heat is gone from Solidifier.
      - Message [b]: [/b][color="#1D6D94"][i]Mighty Pirate fusioned heat with a Memory stone and created a Heat stone[/i][/color][i] [/i]appears in chat.
      - Number of memory stones is not reduced.
      - Number of Heat stones is not increased.

      Mods, please close. Was just a display issue. It was shown correctly after update.
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