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Halloween Competition


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In this event of the Sparring Ground Championships, only the scariest of all creatures are allowed: Colorful ones!

Only colored creatures may be used, tokens, influence and combo are not allowed.
Of course, in the spirit of halloween, tricks are allowed, so use all the magic you can get your hands on :D

Due to the power certain colored creatures have, i've got to limit rituals a little. You may only use one drachorn or one snowman.

The variety of rituals may be limited, but the magics make up for that.

We'll have the finals during the party time, therefor the sign up ends on 20th. Since we had issues last time, MP6 aren't allowed to participate this time.
As usual, sign up with your MP-level.

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Very well, signing time is over, so let's disclose the rules :ph34r:

I've already told you that winning isn't the most important thing. But i think none of you figured that you're heading for a party so far :D

There are several ways to earn some points, and also a bunch of ways to lose some.

We don't want to end up on a Halloween party with 4 flashes and 3 leagues of justice, so there is a bunch of points for unique costumes.
- [color=#00ff00]+5 per colored unique[/color]: If you have a creature on the field that only appears once at the party, you score 5 points. (different CID=different creature)
- [color=#00ff00]+2 per colored not unique[/color]: If your costume appears twice or more, you still get 2 points.
- [color=#ff0000]-10 per not colored[/color]: If there's a creature in your rit that forgot to dress up, that's -10 for your scoreboard.
[i]Sum of the diversity ranking over this line can't be lower than 0.[/i]
- [color=#ff0000]-30 double drach[/color]: As special rating for diversity, you additionally lose 30 points if you have more than one drach or morph or one of each in your own rit. A morph or drach on the other side doesn't trigger this effect.

We all know how such parties turn out, people drink, people talk trash about each others costume, sooner or later we have a fight at the party. At that time it'd be helpful to be on the winning side of the party, so there's a strength score.
- [color=#00ff00]+20 winning the combat[/color]
- [color=#ff0000]-30 using influence, tokens, or combo[/color]
[i]Sum of the strength ranking over this line can't be lower than -10.[/i]

Everybody loves party magic. So, obviously, there's a ranking for magic, too.
- [color=#00ff00]+50 fighting with altered ritual[/color]: If you dare to go to the party with a ritual you couldn't pick on your own, you get just as much score as if you had the best diversity score possible, plus 20 daring points.
- [color=#00ff00]+3 per spell cast (max 9 points)[/color]: The daring magicians can get a little score boost for fiddling with the party population. Only spells that directly influence combat grant this score, spells that alter the skills don't. (example: no multi, freeze, guardianarmy, mirrorritual would count, weaken, silvertongue, curse would not.)
- [color=#ff0000]-20 for outside help[/color]: A true trickster works with his own magic. If you get somebody else to cast a spell for you, you don't get spell points, but instead a hefty negative rating for hiding behind somebody else's ability.

Every party takes 2 rounds, one attacking and one defending. The winner of the round is the person with the higher score, and each round starts at 0.
The party isn't over until one group wins 2 consecutive rounds, one attacking and one defending.

Very well, now that the rules are edged out, here's the tournament plan. As usual, the first round should be finished within the week, the semi-finals and finals will take place during the official halloween party-time.

MP4 don't have enough people for a first round, so they only fight in the semi-finals.

MP5 has 10 fighters, so there'll be 2 groups of 5, the first two of each group go to the semi-finals.
Please finish the group fights before the halloween party starts on 28th.

[b]Group A:[/b]
Clockmaster - dst:
Clockmaster - Eon: Clockmaster WINS!
Clockmaster - Ivorak: Clockmaster WINS!
Clockmaster - Lone wolf: Clockmaster WINS!
dst - Eon: dst WINS!
dst - Ivorak:
dst - Lone wolf:
Eon - Ivorak: Eon WINS!
Eon - Lone wolf: Lone wolf WINS!
Ivorak - Lone wolf:

[b]Group B:[/b]
MRAlyon - Nimrodel:
MRAlyon - Shadowseeker: Shadowseeker WINS!
MRAlyon - Soothing Sands: MRAlyon WINS!
MRAlyon - Von Ungern: MRAlyon WINS!
Nimrodel - Shadowseeker:
Nimrodel - Soothing Sands:
Nimrodel - Von Ungern:
Shadowseeker - Soothing Sands: Shadowseeker WINS!
Shadowseeker - Von Ungern: Shadowseeker WINS!
Soothing Sands - Von Ungern: Von Ungern WINS!

Passant - Sunfire: Sunfire WINS!
Passant - Tipu: Tipu WINS!
Sunfire - Tipu: Tipu WINS!

Clockmaster - MRAlyon: Clockmaster WINS!
Shadowseeker - Eon: Shadowseeker WINS!

Tipu - Sunfire: Sunfire wins a bunch of enchanted stones!

Clockmaster - Shadowseeker: Clockmaster wins a WP!

And as always, your top concern are the rewards. The MP4 winner will most likely get a heated creature and an enchanted stone, MP5 participation will likely be high enough for a WP. In case i can't reward the winner with a WP anymore, we'll find a different solution.

PS: as usual, post your results here. I'll update the list as often as possible, seeing the big groups we have this time.

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A spell learned with a stone is your own, and counts as that.
Somebody else's spell is a spell that is used by a different person, like your protector, or whoever else you could possibly find to help you.

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    • By Burns
      This tournament will be a little more difficult than the former competitions.

      Generally, everything except for spells is allowed this time. Any shop creatures and tokens are allowed, as are tokens, combo and all that.

      However, and here's the fun bit, tokens that are used can change the behavior of your opponent greatly.

      As usual, it'll be a 1 on 1 tournament, and you win against an opponent by winning the outgoing as well as the incoming fight against them.
      The defender uses a ritual with 0% influence and announces a token count to the attacker. The defender obviously mustn't use more than the announced count, but he has the strategic freedom to announce a higher count than what he actually uses (aka, put the attacker on a wrong trace).
      For every token in this announced count, the attacker can use either 5k combo OR 1 token OR 5% pray power, mixtures possible, in the attacking ritual.

      As examples: The defender announces 0 tokens. In this case, the attacker has to fight with 0%, 0 combo and 0 tokens as well.

      The defender announces 20 tokens. In this case, the attacker could use 20 tokens, or 100% influence, or 100k combo, or a mixed strategy of, for example, 6 tokens, 50k combo, and 20% influence.

      Just like the defender can play with announcing a higher count, the attacker doesn't have to use up all the points they could. If there were 5 tokens announced, the attacker could as well play with 4 tokens, no combo and no influence and let the last available point open.

      If one of the two fighters goes over the announced count, the fight counts as won by the other party. In this game, such a failure doesn't lead to disqualification because it really could happen easily. Don't sign up if you have problems with maths <.<

      'Useless' tokens count for the token count, of course!

      Rewards depend on the level of participation, as usual.

      Sign up for the event until Friday, 9th of September, please include the MP level you will play in, as usual.
    • By Burns
      In this competition, anything is allowed. Spells, tokens, stats, whatever, you name it, you can use it. You just have to fight, stopping each other from doing that is not allowed.

      The specialty in this event is that it will be a team competition. All participants will have to split in two teams. Also, a captain for each team has to be appointed.

      The point is NOT to defeat the whole other team, though. I'll use a randomizer to create pairs of people and the desired outcome, win or loss. Team A will be asked to produce exactly that pattern, while team B's objective will be to prevent that. The attacking team doesn't have to stick to any schedules for their attacks, they can immidiately do them all, or postpone them for a bit. In the case of uneven teams, one player might have to attack more than one opponent, or defend against more than one opponent, so you'll want to get even teams to prevent that, for example, one defender has to lose and win in the same pattern. The attackers are not obliged to announce which attack they'll do when, and they are not limited to just one attack. Only the first fight between the two opponents matched for that pattern counts, though. For example, you can send somebody else from your team to test the defence, but you can't call it a test if you tried it yourself.

      Example: My randomizer says that eon has to lose against dst in his teams attack. So, Eon will attack to lose, and dst will defend to lose. If Eon manages to lose, his team scores, is dst makes him win, her team scores.

      The team with the higher score after 3 such rounds, each consisting of 2 patterns, one with team a attacking, one with team b attacking, and each taking place on a saturday evening in the marble dale park, wins, and the captain will get a bunch of prices to give out to his or her comrades.

      You will want to have a nicely mixed team of all MP-levels. If you have too little players from a level, the few unlucky ones will have to do more fights, and probably get into the situation of wanting to win and lose an incoming fight in the same round. You can guess that this won't go too well.

      You have 1 week for the registration. I suggest you start as soon as possible, and keep the list or participants from your team up to date, including their MP-level, so the other team can recruit some matches in time. Having too little players of a level is a slight advantage in offence, but a big disadvantage in defence.

      The times will be set in accordance with the team captains. I plan to give you half an hour per pattern, so this event will take 3 sessions รก ~65 minutes.
      Yes, it sounds all complicated, but it really isn't. We'll run a trial edition a few days before starting with the first real contest, so don't worry.
    • By Burns
      Before you get too used to fighting just against one person at a time, I'll go and announce a radically different competition for a change [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img]

      The objective of the Honor Competition is to reach a certain amount of honor, nothing more, nothing less.
      For doing that, everything is allowed, except for [color=#FF0000]leaving the Sparring Grounds[/color] during the game.

      There is no need to sign up for this competition. I'll announce the time a few days ahead on the forums, and again in the mood panel a few minutes before it starts, together with the amount of honor you'll need to achieve.

      I'll be present at all times during the games, logging out or leaving the park leads to disqualification. If something seems fishy to me, i'll do a locate on you to see if you've left the park. Maximum duration of a game will be 1 hour, if nobody gets the exact amount by then, the person closest to it will be declared winner.
      Clarification, due to complaints: This means, whoever is closest at the time the contest ends, NOT whoever was closest at some point during the competition. ONLY values stored in the last minute count for this plan B-rule!

      To win the competition, you'll need to win 3 games. We'll see how long it takes [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif[/img]
      During the competition, a button to save your honor on the signpost will be available. Only honor counts saved there count for the competition. Spells to send somebody elsewhere don't disqualify their targets, but their casters.

      Rewards depend on participation as usual.

      The first game starts on Sunday, 22:00. (Maybe a little later if the finals of the aura competition take longer than expected)

      Good luck to all participants, and have fun [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img]

      First round, May 08, 22:45, goes to Ravenstrider in less than 20 minutes: Ravenstrider 1059 23:04:09. Congrats!
    • By Burns
      For this event, you are allowed to use all creatures that have [color=#FF0000]NO AURAS (=Special Influences). No pray power and no tokens for this event.[/color]

      Sign up here until Sunday, 1st of May, with your name and MP-level. Rewards are not yet fixed and will be announced when i know the competition.

      Please only sign up if you seriously want to play, and have time to do so in the first week of May. If this doesn't work out again, i'll have to charge an entry fee next time.

      Jason V, MP4 (ignore this, he just asked me to keep his name for the competition.)
    • By Burns
      Sparring Ground Championships (SGC) proudly presents the Black and White Competition!

      In this event, nothing of any color is allowed. This means: [color=#FF0000]No tokens, combat influence/pray power, spells, combo, shop creatures, and other shop features whatsoever[/color].

      As added handicap, the defending player MUST tell the attacking player half of the creatures they use, in case of odd numbers rounded up. Which creatures they give away before combat is up to their own choice.

      Due to this obvious advantage of the attacker, each round of battle consists of 2 fights, one as attacker, one as defender. Should a round end as tie, another round needs to take place, until one person wins both the attacking and defending fight of a round.

      I'll decide for a tournament mode next Saturday, that's 26th, around midnight. You have until then to sign up if you wish to participate. Please include your MP-level, 6 will have to fight in the same class as 5.

      SGC wishes all participants good luck and clean fights. [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/biggrin.gif[/img]

      Edit, about rewards... Depends on the size of the tournament. If there's a big crowd, there'll be big prizes. If there's just 2 participants, there'll be no prizes. You can either play, or not. Should i happen to give out 20 wishpoints in the end, and you didn't sign up til saturday, you lost your chance. [img]http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/public/style_emoticons/default/laugh.gif[/img]
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