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Land Tools Of Golemus


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After much talking the land leaders and myself have come to a decision regarding the land tools.
The below is to become part of the land laws and is outlined here for reference for all to see.

Golemus Policy regards land tools

- Land tools are Golemus property and there for Golemus people have priority in their use.
- Land tools are NOT to be given to non Golemus citizens without prior permission from the land leaders.
- There's no fee for the tools for Golemus citizens, but [color=#800080]20% [/color]of the profits made with the tools and resources gathered with them go to the land treasury.
- The tools that are guild based are under the guild rules and are superseded by the land rule for that guild.

The use of the land tools for citizens is to gather the resources around the land.
The resources must NEVER be reduced below half the resource for the land areas that means if there is a 1/1 you cannot take from there.
[u][b](NOTE: this if for ALL lands not just Golemus)[/b][/u]
The tools must be respected and used properly any violation of the tools will result in you no longer having access to them.

When renting out the tools.

- Citizens may make a request on behalf of another player.
- The same player cannot hold the tool more than once in a month (this means once every 4 week not calendar month)
- The GG citizens is responsible for keeping track of the payment.


Yrthilian King of Golemus
Golemus Technomage.

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[quote]The resources must NEVER be reduced below half the resource for the land areas[b] that means if there is a 1/1 you cannot take from there[/b].[/quote]

[color=#808080][i]I don't think that particular part is a good idea.[/i][/color]
[color=#808080][i]if you gather the resource in such place you get it regenerated every 4th day, but if you forbid to gather there you are just taking the place [/i][/color][color=#808080][i]out[/i][/color][color=#808080][i].[/i][/color]

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Golemus is a land that is not greedy. we also like to preserve land resources.
This is why the 1/1 locations are not to be depleted. That si stripping the land of a resource.
This may or may not change but Golemus currently stance is towards preserving the resource and
not taking them for granted.

This is a show of control of not needing to deplete the lands. one way this may happen is if the lands king asks
for it to be done but that is that lands kings option.

You never know the leaving the 1/1 resource for long enough may increase the resource to a 2/2 over time.
i am not saying it will but you just dont know what the land may provide if you give it some respect.

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since there's no fee for the tools for Golemus citizens, that means we work on a first come first serve basis? and since we have to get the tools originally from those who have access to that lab, does that mean that if they require a tool which is rare (say memory stone detector, only 4 of which exist) and they want some, we have minimal chance to get one, right?
if not, I'd please like to know how not, thank you in advance.

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[quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1318269973' post='93786']
Golemus is a land that is not greedy. we also like to preserve land resources.
One thing is depletion of natural resources that do not replenish over time - quite another is leaving resources that do replenish unettended - IRL they correspond to arable land better than oil.... I would consider regular harvesting more showing respect to the land than abandoning it completely and leaving unused. There is also a question what will more likely result in 2/2 increasy - regular trimming or leaving unattended...
Is this law for GG resources - or for GG citizens and tools (to respect resources and lands that prvide them)? While in GG there is only 1 location 1/1, elsewhere there is quite a few

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not 100% sure X, but my logic says :
GG citizens are conservative of their land and it's resources, and as such we are forbidden from taking any with 1/1 resources, and forbid any other players from doing the same,
we are not greedy as well, and will respect other lands and their resources, but when we find the resources being depleted, it shows that that land does not enforce any rules regarding the matter, and does not mind using up the resources, and as such, we would use them.

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The rule covers the tools and the use of the tools.
Currently for now Golemus will respect other lands resources.
We will not deplete there resource.

Currently there are 5 1/1 locations through out the realm not including Necrovian.
for now unless the land kingship say other wise we will not rip the resources out of their lands.
This is also a level of respect to the land.

As i said the rule is in place and wont be lifted just yet. It may change over time we will see.
For now this is a symbol of respect to the land and the the kingship of those lands.
If they are fine with the depleting of a location of a 1/1 and inform me of this then that location will
be open to be mined but for now Golemus will show respect of those land and not deplete them.

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What about lands with 1/1 with no kingship, for example NML? Would those area be harvest able as well. Also, where would the treasury be? Resources stack and it is impossible (for now) to seperate resources to give 1 out of every 5th harvest when there is no known location to deposit it at. Or maybe I did not pay attention to where the treasury is at.

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Currently until Mur/Council have created the treasure (request made and keeps getting asked for over the last year)
i will hold the coin or i will put it all on an alt i have on stand by.

ANY land currently with or without kingship will NOT have a 1/1 resource mined by a Golemus citizen.
This again may change over time we will see.

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There are no tools of necrovian in golemus. I would find it very strange if there was. But to answer if some how a tool of another land was in golemus then we would come to an understanding regards that tool.

I am however curious as to why you ask that question? As the tools of another land could not be held by a different land in that way.

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Sorry should have added necrovians are not suppose to be in golemus that has never changed. So you would first need permission to be on golemus land

Ah forgot about the tools being spread around. So far I have not seen any in golemus. If I do I will alert the current leader to them

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Ok so i have taken a look and some tools are marked as other land not just Necrovian.

So i have had to take a look and think about how this would work or how to view the tools
Just because a tool has the "TAG" Loreroot or necrovian does not mean that tool Belongs to that land
It just shows where the tool may have been created.

The tools that are in the Golemus Lab belong to Golemus. That is their location of storage and that is where they
are marked to go to. So taking that into account the tools are Golemus property regardless of the tag that is on them.
So they come under Golemus jurisdiction and fall under the Golemus tool policy.

So in this case to answer you peace. No the tools will not be given out to Necrovians for free. The tool currently is located
in Golemus lab and land and will fall under the Policy outlined above.

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[quote name='Yrthilian' timestamp='1318579899' post='94089']
LOL so Necrovian did not like my response and neg rep me on all responses.
How childish.

wanting to start a war?

Because it would be rather foolish to do so, based on your assumption. I have checked to see if someone was indeed neg repping you because they dont like you, out of the -8 or so rep you attained from this whole post, one of it was from a necro, Intresting the others were from funnier lands.

most of it was made back by other people +repping you to make it fairer.

As with all these topics, you assume bad intentions, and then when it turns out it isnt, you look foolish. Next time you believe someone is doing that... ask me.

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Why the hell are you assuming war????
where the hell did you even get that idea?????

I dont care as to whom did what.
So i make an assumption. you are a forum mod whom can check that
I am not so it does not matter if i am right or wrong.

It is stupid to even mention the war BULL(finish the rest yourself). when there was no mention of it in the first place.
this is just being childish and then to even go and neg rep more just because you make an assumption or
decide because i made on to neg rep me for it. Get over it.

change the word C**P because chewy took offence to it for some stupid reason.
and decided to tell me to remove it or he will do it for me.
This is so unfitting of a forum mod esp one such as him.

I dont see why that word is so offensive in anyway but he has decided it is

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  • 2 weeks later...

This is a warning to those that think it is ok to us GG tools to drain resources from a land area.
I am looking into whom did it and who gave them the tool.
Yes i will deal a punishment out to the citizen whom has been handing out the tools
to a person that is draining the lands.

You all know the policy no excuses what so ever.

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Which part of the rules specifically apply to everyone? it is unclear since it just appears in the middle of the document.

Also, how can you apply a rule to every land when Mur specifically said that no resource rules should be applied to citizens of any lands?

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