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    • By Chengmingz
      Smoke Bomb

      For those who would like to stay in the shadows and remain hidden in sight.

      Use: It erases the next 15 steps that the user has took.

      I do not know if this will be very complicated to script as I do not have any experience in scripting. However, I think this item would be great for those who want to stay away from others and not followed.

    • By Yrthilian
      After much talking the land leaders and myself have come to a decision regarding the land tools.
      The below is to become part of the land laws and is outlined here for reference for all to see.

      Golemus Policy regards land tools

      - Land tools are Golemus property and there for Golemus people have priority in their use.
      - Land tools are NOT to be given to non Golemus citizens without prior permission from the land leaders.
      - There's no fee for the tools for Golemus citizens, but [color=#800080]20% [/color]of the profits made with the tools and resources gathered with them go to the land treasury.
      - The tools that are guild based are under the guild rules and are superseded by the land rule for that guild.

      The use of the land tools for citizens is to gather the resources around the land.
      The resources must NEVER be reduced below half the resource for the land areas that means if there is a 1/1 you cannot take from there.
      [u][b](NOTE: this if for ALL lands not just Golemus)[/b][/u]
      The tools must be respected and used properly any violation of the tools will result in you no longer having access to them.

      When renting out the tools.

      - Citizens may make a request on behalf of another player.
      - The same player cannot hold the tool more than once in a month (this means once every 4 week not calendar month)
      - The GG citizens is responsible for keeping track of the payment.


      Yrthilian King of Golemus
      Golemus Technomage.
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