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Poem and Drawing contest


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Some of you may remember a Poem contest Emerald organized at the Whisper Alley.
We played with the thought make it again, and turn it to become annual contest, a sort of tradition, and I decided to add one more discipline, drawing for start, later on perhaps even more, with purpose to encourage creativity and art.

The contest will probably start somewhere in the beginning of November, due to the Halloween festival that is coming up (don't want to mess with it).

Rewards will be at least 1 WP for best work in Poem section and 1 WP for best work in Drawing section, perhaps even more rewards if some sponsors come along the way.
It will probably be held at Whisper Alley in Marind Bell, and make it a traditional place of this gathering.

The reason why I am posting this now is for you people to get your works prepared so I can announce the hour of the contest meeting with more flexibility.

This is the theme of the contest:

Drawing: Make a drawing (with a pencil) about your interpretation of enlightenment. Make large "MD" initials in the corner of your drawing to show that it is really your drawing.
Poem: Make a poem about your interpretation of a seeker (as a general term).

Additional infos will be posted here afterwards, this is all you need to know for now.

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I wish to sponsor your quest with a single shiny silver coin associated with a set of 4 or 8 raw glass (depending on what i can get).

It's obviously a small prize compred to your wishpoint, but if you accept it then maybe you could give it to the poem that presents the best contribution as far as semantic is concerned. :)

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A question; will contestants be able to participate in both the drawing and the poetry part of the contest? If so, will they only be able to win one prize, or can they be awarded multiple? (In the rare chance that both of their works would be considered for such.)

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They will be free to enter both sections - yes, they have a chance to win both of the first prize rewards.
In case of few number of participants, this case of one player winning two wish points will be avoided unless his/her works are that much above others (meaning, the winner in one section will have his work discriminated a bit in the other section)

The main purpose of this is, tho, to share our thoughts on the subject, pick up few "glory points" with our talent and such. :) Progress of our artistic thought.

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New submissions will be accepted until Wednesday, zero hour, server time.

The meeting will most likely be in Saturday, but I will give more details when Wednesday comes. The main rewards will be there for all participants, but extra rewards (such as glass donated by Passant The Weak, angien donation by Phantom Orchid, and few spells from me by choice) will only be given to those that come, to encourage arrival of larger amount of people, this is after all supposed to be an MD event.

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Meeting will be on Sunday 19 hours server time UNLESS the issue with the server is still present.

Meeting will take place at Willow's Walk. If you bring someone to "replace" your presence as a participant on the contest, you can still win one of the consolation prize, otherwise, you're contending 'only' for the main reward (WPs)

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