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Grido's Actions

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I'm sorry I have to say this, but it does not state Phantom Orchid gets punished because of her role in the fight between her and Jester. It does say she was at fault as well and partially because of that it took long before there were taken any actions. The punishment mentioned is for bug abuse. It does however state that Jester will receive punishment for this. Also it states the only fault Grido made in this case was not communicating good enough with Phantom Orchid.

I could be wrong, but this is how I understand the counsels words.

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In light of THIS anouncement today: [quote]Ann. 2050 - [2011-10-05 16:29:58 - Stage 11] The Council's investigation regarding Phantom Orchid has finished. She is sentenced to 1 month jail term start

44 days ago I confided in Grido with a request for help with a situation regarding another player's sexual harassment towards me, along with using out-of-game judgments and prejudices to slander my ch

I dont know why you waited that long and decided to use this as a fight agents Grido. Now if grido did not report the issue then that is another matter. This is yet another attack on Grido that you

[quote name='Pothos' timestamp='1318520803' post='94031']
As for her 'sexualy harased being punished'. Get used to it. That's the way life works, You fought back, so you are getting punished. Truly it sucks, yes it's unfair, no that isn't how it should be, yes it's unjust. But that's how it is.
And what does it say of us if we accept that logic? That's just how MD is? Even though the restrictions [u]explicitly[/u] forbid harassment of any kind, we'll just turn a blind eye to it because nothing matters?

Jester has been accused of this kind of behavior before. That he is able to continue acting like this casts grave doubts in my mind about the action and inaction of persons in positions of authority in MD.

To stay in this community when such things are possible and go ignored or only lightly punished is to condone this kind of behavior. Remember Shoeps, anyone? To dismiss the legitimate grievance of a victimized person is to become an accessory to the crime(s) committed against him/her.* And to willfully ignore evidence of harassment because it falls beyond the scope of MD is legally sensible but [u]morally hollow[/u] - I call it irresponsible. My outrage at this verdict from the council goes far beyond Grido. The council's published opinion reveals a system-wide defect in the MD community and its leadership.

It's too early for me to say I am taking my toys and leaving - or not - but I can't just sit by and remain silent at injustice of such monstrous proportions.

*Jester's assertion that Poe is a man pretending to be a woman in no way exonerates his words or actions. The sex of the victim is totally irrelevant.

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i meant what i meant, no need for clarification. Sexual harassment in MD is only allowed if the person allows it. NO different then slanderous/foul language. This is a game, away from people, all it is is text. If you don't like it, leave the scene. If you are sent pms, turn them in. For any of this to get to such explosive drama levels, she was a participant, not a victem. Sorry if this makes me look cruel or uncaring. Any that deal with me would know better. This is the truth, you are only as far in as you are willing to let yourself be. Thats why there is a plug. Goodbye to those that do, time moves forward.

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Right, im going to make a decision based on this that im going to close this.

No punishment has been dealt out, it will be soon. And it most certainly does look like POE is only being punished for escaping jail, a minor crime in comparison to what jester is up at.

This topic will remain closed until a final verdict has been passed, if the council want it opened again, it shall be.

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