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Searching for MD's Facebook and Twitter Admins


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I'll try this once more,

I'm searching for creative people to be admins of MD's Twitter and FB Page.

This is a voluntary job that will let you guys contribute to MD.

Admins are expected to be:
[*]Serious (This doesn't mean he/she should act as a robot. He/she can act as he/she is (funny or whatever, but obviously knowing that they will be dealing with a lot of public)
[*]Creative: They should create innovative quests, contests, or evens integration FB or Twitter (I supply any rewards, artworks, or anything needed for such)
[*]With the capacity of doing Teamwork (notice that we are a team and we need to work as one)
[*]At least 100 Active Days (He/she must be active, if you are inactive please don't apply).
[*]With previous Twitter/FB Experience.
Those who wish to apply post the following:

1. Player Name
2. ID
3. Your previous experience with the page you want to be admin of (Twitter or Facebook)
4. Why are you interested?



Facebook Page Admins:
Twitter Page Admin:[list]

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[quote name='Curiose' timestamp='1316839897' post='92504']
Hey! We should have a Google+ page, too!
Maybe, but not know. Unless someone kindly offers their help to be admin of it, and manage to keep it active. Otherwise there is no point for now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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