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Drac & few others for sale

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I have the following crits to sell. All of them are not tokened and around 350 age.

1.[s] [b]Reindrac (for immediate sale)[/b][/s] Sold to Lone Wolf for 12 Gc
2. GG drac (will take some time)
3. 5 angien eggs (for immediate sale)

Please post your bid here. In case you cannot put it up for some reason pls PM me. I will keep it for about a week and then PM the heighest bidders whom I think has given a fair offer.

Also would like to know what would one offer for a nameless angien (tainted or whatever) . This one is just for my info not for sale.

According to [url="http://magicduel.invisionzone.com/topic/10541-7-angien-sale/"]http://magicduel.inv...-7-angien-sale/[/url] the minimum amount bid was around 5Sc. Therefore I will stick to that figure nothing below 5Sc for angiens.


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[quote name='MoM' timestamp='1316254494' post='92111']
no offense Synax, but unless you're really lucky, you won't find people who really want angiens...
any way, 2 angiens, 5 silver

You cant get angiens from the shrine, They are MUCH rarer than they were, People will pay lots for angiens nowadays. I dont think its really fair to try and "devalue" them so that you can buy them for as cheap as you can get them.

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I don't really need any chew, and I know they're getting rarer, but the truth is, those who actually want the angiens are rarely vets, they're mainly 'new' (with stress, since they're not entirely new) and/or people who want to reward those who complete their quest

I told Synax, if he actually wants to make a profit, he can, but it'll take him time, as for a quick mid-sized profit, he'd have to lower prices for a bit. I didn't explain that all via forum, but he did pm me and I did reply...

again, no offense meant, and sorry if it felt like I was trying to 'swindle' you =)

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      Yes... they are all 3 the same. Age posted on Day 23: Year 7.
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