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Design your own spell

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Brutes' Madness:

This spell will work only on the enemys Multi attacking creatures.

Basically what it'll do is make the enemys multi attacker insane and result in

the enemys multi attacker to have a chance to attack his own creatures. To make this spell more effective and balanced

the ratio would be like 20% to hit own creatures and when it hits it does x2-x2.5 damege.

The princeples used in this spell would be Imagination, Element and... entropy??

aww, btw;

don't forget principals! my guess is darkness and imagination, or maybe another one, but I'm not thinking of its name right now.

Time xD

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Third Eye

Time Principle, Principle of Darkness and atleast 3 more XD

Reveal the 'Targeted' Persons Monsters. You cannot attack that person for 8 min.

you can see the enemys monster, but have to whait atleast 8 min untill you can attack. Conclueds that he/she May have Healed its creatures after that. and even tough you Revealed the enemies Monsters, you still don't know what will happen once you attack. But then you can still see if the Enemy is to hard for you, and if its worth attacking.

Curse - Rust

Dunno wich Principles, help me with that.

All defencive and attack bonuses Gained by Armors and Weapons are lost for the next 10 min, on 'Target' Person.

Or till Targeted person been attacked once. Higher level of this skill increases the duration/amount of attacks.

Rust Breaks armors and Weapons wich renders them useless. Rust, Is the Warriors Worst Enemy

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I want a spell that will put those before said kittens in a train, which is on a course towards another train on the same tracks. In a violent passion of huge flameballs and mortified screams, it will explode and glorious fireworks will come from the unholy wreckage. It will say in shiny letters:'*BigC* Stands for BIG assCrack, It's true, biggie has problems with his 'maximus''

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Little Pitchers (they have big ears...remember)

In my spell you could invisibly listen to chat in another area of chat.

Required: Imagination, balance, cyclisity - because you have to be able to imagine surroundings, retain balance between current scene and the one you are in, and it seems pretty cyclic to me.

This would allow players to do a bit of spying and keep theirs ears out for good gossip and info.

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Shadowalking - You no longer leave a name trail at any locations when moving for an hour maybe? Not the same as being completely invisible your name still appears at locations you are at. The principles used would be darkness and time I think. Its not that powerful but could still be useful in certain situations like in the heads contest ;)

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Here is a good spell


The Spell will temporary remove all combat advantage powers from an RPC for 1 hour. Costs nothing, nothing at all. Will annoy the hell out of the RPC who can annoy the hell out of other players with there combat advantage powers.

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