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A little tour, of sorts....


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The Results are in, the Lottery has been drawn, and the list of winners is below!

(I have had a last-minute sponsorship from person requesting to remain anonymous, and one Angien from Passant, so while the latter names are not on this video, they were chosen the same way, from the remaining names in my hat, by my kid!)
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]darkraptor[/b] has earned [color=#0000ff]The WishPoint![/color] :D:o
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Guillak[/b] has won an Angien (age 209)! :D
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Vasilemacel[/b] has won Angien (age 204)! :D
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Master of Magic[/b] has won an Angien (age 197)! :D
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Tipu[/b] has won an Angien (age 194)! :D
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Soothing Sands[/b] has won an Angien (age 175)! :D
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Ghunny the Beast[/b] has won a fresher Angien Egg! ^_^
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Elthen Airis[/b] has won a fresher Angien Egg! ^_^
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Shaded[/b] has won a fresher Angien Egg! ^_^
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Falronn[/b] has won a fresher Angien Egg! ^_^
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Princess Katt[/b] has won a fresher Angien Egg! ^_^
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Esmaralda[/b] has won a Tormented Soul :cool:
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Mighty Pirate[/b] has won a Tormented Soul :cool:
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Nimrodel[/b] has won a Tormented Soul :cool:
[*][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b]Passant the weak[/b] has won his own Angien. :huh::))
[*]The rest of you awesome folks have won a Silver Coin! ;)

[b]Living Puppet[/b][color=#00ff00][size=5]√[/size][/color][b], AmberRune[/b][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b], duxie[/b][color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][b], Duke of Malfi[color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color], Innos, Jolla[color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color][/b]!


If winners would like to trade the CTC and such among themselves, or request something different (such as not wanting a TS or such) feel free to contact me and I'm happy to work out something. Hope you enjoyed the quest!

(the green checkmarks [color=#00ff00][size=5]√ [/size][/color] are those I've already contacted with the CTCs and such)

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*jumps up and down* I love your kid too! :P no seriously, he's adorable... reminds me of when I was younger, I used to put a bag on my head and run around bumping into ppl just so they would notice me :P!
anyway, great quest Maebius ^^ keep it up!

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