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No max resources

The Warrior

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I took a wrong turn and walked into the MDA Public Bathroom (4_1x2_11) and unable to exit due to viscosity, I noticed that the water resource there doesn't display correctly. It says 1/ [b]Water[/b] and doesn't state the maximum resources.

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The 0.25/ is about regeneration of the resource really. When a resource gets depleted it's amount increases by 0.25 per day until it reaches 1 and then increases by a round number and so on.

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The whole bug with this, was that there was no max set. Are you talking about this peace?

Currently now there is a max. And i was under the impression resources under 1 are meant to be decimals? (didnt mur say that somewhere?)

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Yes, I am talking about the water resource in the public bathroom of MDA.

It only shows its max resource when it regenerates. (0.25/1 or 0.50/1 etc) Once the resource is regenerated back to normal, it won't show it's max. Just 1/ water.

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I tested what i thought, That now there is a max resource the bug is fixed and it looks fine

Attached are two screenshots of before harvesting, and after. The water had not been touched since the initial 0.25, to which i waited til today, and harvested.

Is there something i am missing Peace or has this bug been fixed as supposed?

Because to clarify, initially there was no max, Now there is a max, but you still claim there is something wrong with it?



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