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I want to buy the following crits (with or without tokes)[list]
[*]Tainted Angien
[*]Unholy Priest
[*][s]Soul weaver[/s]

I have the following to sell[list]
[*]Imperial Aramor

If you have to sell or you want to buy please contact bloodprince in game


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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    • By Pipstickz
      Howdy MD! As it's the anniversary, a time of celebration and commemoration, I'd like for us to take a moment to reflect on things that may have been forgotten by some folks. The premise is simple: I want you to do some research on Land Weapons and send in your findings. For transparency's sake, I plan to make all entries public after judging is complete, but if requested I'm willing to redact parts. So without further ado, here are your research prompts, use as many or few as you like, but I do expect some details from each prompt to be in your submission, even if you don't directly address the question. However, the final two are mandatory.
      What is a Land Weapon?
      How many are there?
      Where are they?
      What do they do?
      How are they activated?
      How are they powered?
      How are they controlled?
      What would happen to it if a Land were to lose its Weapon, or access thereto?
      For each Land that contains a Land Weapon, imagine you are a citizen with full control over the Weapon and explain how you'd use your Homeland's Weapon to help your fellow citizens.
      For each Land that contains a Land Weapon, imagine you are an infiltrator who has seized control of the Weapon and explain how you'd use it to disrupt your enemies.
      Some might say this is a cheap data-mining attempt, so to offset said cheapness I'll be personally sponsoring a Tainted Angien, to be rewarded if:
      1. There are at least 10 entries, each with at least one interesting idea in them. Doesn't have to be original, but it must to be interesting.
      2. The judge(s) determine that one entry stands above the rest as particularly insightful, well-researched or creative.
      So now it's an expensive data-mining attempt! Take that imaginary critics!
      I'll also be sponsoring a pack of Molima-related resources, which includes 5 glue, a skull and some garbage, maybe a couple others (I need to check what he costs again to be sure, will do so once I return to the mainland), as well as one History of the Elucubration Creature item (I promised this item to Zleip as a sponsorship for one of his quests in the past, but that was years ago, so I'm invoking the statute of limitations. Sorry Z!). These rewards will go to either first and second or second and third, or may be distributed differently, pursuant to possible further sponsorships.
      NOTE: It seems the History of the Elu items aren't working...I hope they're fixable! I'll make a bug report.
      Speaking of which, other sponsorships are, of course, very welcome!
      Entries are to be forum PM'd to me. They can be as long or as short as you like and may include images if you wish to do so.
      Anybody willing to help judge would be greatly appreciated. The only prerequisite being that you have what you consider a good baseline knowledge about Land Weapons. I'd like to specifically request Chew or Mur to help judge this (and especially to help redact the published answers!) if either of you have the time/energy, but if not we shall make due! If nobody wants to be a judge, I'll instead write up some criteria and have each participant mark other entries, and average that score with my judgement on the same criteria.
      Get crackin', folks!
    • By nadrolski

      x1 [b]Unholy Priest[/b]
      • attached with (minimum) 5+ tokens
      • age/heat not much required
    • By Hedge Munos

      Well, I've decided to sell my creatures again, and go for the ones I desperately want. So, eat your heart out

      [b]I'm selling for coins (Silver/silver notes; gold/gold notes)[/b]

      [b]Pimp 3:[/b]
      [b]ID: 753294[/b]
      [b]Stored Heat: 42056[/b]
      [b]Age: 65[/b]
      [b]Reserve: 1sc[/b]

      [b]ID: 696606[/b]
      [b]Stored Heat: 1469[/b]
      [b]Age: 244[/b]
      [b]Reserve: 10sc[/b]

      [b]ID: 754366[/b]
      [b]Stored Heat: 26803[/b]
      [b]Age: 45[/b]
      [b]Reserve: 3sc[/b]

      [b][b]ID:[/b] 693159[/b]
      [b][b]Stored Heat:[/b] 97206[/b]
      [b][b]Age:[/b] 224[/b]
      [b][b]Reserve: 13gc[/b][/b]

      [b]ID: 674350[/b]
      [b]Stored Heat: 53221[/b]
      [b]Age: 247[/b]
      [b]Reserve: 4gc[/b]


      [b]Also selling:[/b]

      [b]24 tea (C/O: 1gc)[/b]

      [b]I reserve the right not to sell if I think offers are too low.[/b]

      [b]This will end on Day 41, if inactivity[/b]

    • By Ratbert
      I want to sell the following creatures:

      #1. Unholy Priest with 700+ age and claw3 token[b] ( Highest Bid = duxie )[/b]

      #2. Unholy Priest with 300+ age and stardust, claw2 token [b]( Highest Bid = duxie )[/b]

      #3. Sharptear with 150+ age

      #4. Rusty with 370+ age and 20 tokens = [color=#662211] [/color] [osirisbelt, onyxfangs, darkshield, claw3, goldbelt, claw1, claw2, stardust, blooddrop2, blooddrop1, antifreeze, blackdiamonds,
      kellethafire, emeraldglare, firedrop, enlightning, darksky, blacktear, blooddrop3, goldtear]
      [b] ( Highest Bidder = stavaroiu = 11 gc )[/b]

      - Bidding will last until 15th January.
      - I only accept coins
      - If am not satisfied with offer, I have right not to sell
    • By lone wolf pup
      Auctioning/Trading Tainted Angien
      Minimum of 22 gc or 70 credits worth to be considered.
      Credits/tokened Creatures mainly.
      Acceptable Tokened Creatures:
      Rustgold (Base 4 gc)
      Dark Archer (No base)
      Blood pact (5 sc base)
      Reindrach (Base 13 gc)
      3 sc per token on any of the creatures + base price.
      Credits are worth 3.5 sc/credit.

      Highest offer wins. Will last till Jan 6, + 24 hours after last bid.

      Messy messy. Might sell two if there's good enough offers.

      Immediate sell price: 100 credits.
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