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Merchants Guild


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This guild is, admitedly, A new idea, and I have few hopes for it. However, I would like to see a Merchants guild created.

This would of course be for the people who make things, Jewelry, cloths, shoes, hats, Scarves in my case, mittens, statures, or even something simple like buttons.

For the moment, Untill more can be done, I would like it if those who do create things would simply post their name, and what they make here, so that a list can be made.

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(Would love to know why I get a -1 or more on nigh apon every post i put up, but meh)

Yes, Normaly that would be the case. However I, to be frank, couldn't think of a better name. Open to suggestions, since the name hardly matters, just what it does.

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You reliese there is a guild Called the "crafters guild" Which is mainly for people who can create items. Exatly what you described it seemed. You seem to get getting neg reputation since you do not seem to have asked anyone else what exists.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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